Friday, March 28, 2008

It just got worse and worse!

(Fiction) Friday have this week given us this rather odd prompt -describe a time your character was wronged; even though it was insignificant to the one who wronged them, your character never got over it. Regular readers will not be surprised to hear that Rosey has a story to tell on this subject!

Rosey was cycling along minding her own business, when an elderly lady staggered into her path. Rosey swerved to avoid her and as result got into an uncontrollable wobble just as she was about to descend a steep hill.

An approaching motorist was forced to take avoiding action which startled a passing pedestrian whose enormous dog dragged him into the bushes.

Rosey continued downhill unable to stop. She tried using her feet to assist her brakes, and the metal studs on her heels sent a shower of sparks flying out behind. A drunk sitting on a bench dropped his can, and rubbed his bleary eyes convinced he was witnessing an alien landing.

Still unable to stop, Rosey hit the kerb and somersaulted over the handlebars landing in a flower bed which was being sprayed with water by a gardener. He quickly turned the hose away, and showered a young family who were, until then, enjoying a peaceful picnic in the park.

Rosey grabbed her hat, adjusted her muddy jeans and scrambled off to retrieve her bicycle from where it landed in the duck pond. Unfazed by the assembled crowd which looked on open mouthed, some dripping wet, she mounted her cycle and tried to make as dignified an exit as she could.

Unfortunately the front wheel, once round, was now egg shaped and although it still went round, it caused Rosey to bob up and down as she set off down the road. Once again the hill took control, and Rosey found herself travelling at breakneck speed with brakes which no longer functioned. Up down, up down, up down.

And then it happened. She rounded a corner and there in front of her was a truck with its tailgate down forming a ramp - up which Rosey shot!

She found herself her in the middle of a stack of open black sacks filled to overflowing with waste food on its way to the pig farm.

Rosey never got over the events of that day. She never cycled again, and she gave up bacon..


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  1. LOL poor Rosey. I hope she feels better now that the day is over she doesn't have to think of it ever again.

  2. Is Rosey aware you blog about her?

  3. oh no...poor girl, great to see Rosey again, listen there's a little gift for you at my space, come and collect it, hope you will like it.

  4. poor Rosey..sometmes things are just not in your favor...:-P

    is rosey real...?

  5. aaaww...poor lil Rosey has had such an awful day.
    The turn of events were so interesting though it must have felt so miserable for the up and down Rosey

  6. I think Rosey is based on me as a child...LOL.

    Love the last bit...and she gave up bacon.

  7. I love Rosey. What an *interesting* day. I also love British spelling. "Kerb" instead of curb. I always wanted to leave the "u" in words like colour and favourite. My teachers took a bit of a dim view of this trait.

  8. I'm sure that Rosey wont agree - but this was such a light, breezy and humourous take on this weeks rather intense prompt.

    I loved the 'up down up down' motion of the bicycle and the almost Mr Bean-ish intrusion into perfect strangers lives.

    And I'm with KB - the final line was my favourite and had me breaking out into a huge silly grin.

    Thanks Keith and Rosey for bringing a little bit of innocent (and unintended!) frivolity into my Saturday arvo!

  9. Part of me really hopes that Rosey isn't real, and is just a very clever character created by Keith...

    ... otherwise I'm going to feel so guilty about laughing so much at her adventures and misadventures!

  10. Fiction Friday, huh! I wonder, is Rosey a fictional character? I still love her and even though her actions are very possible, indeed I know a couple of Roseys also, I'm wondering if there actually a Rosey character working with you.

  11. Ever since I started my Rosey adventures I've been asked if she is infact a real person. MI is the first one to spot that I have posted this tale in Fiction Friday! I'll say no more.

  12. Ah ha! That means I've fallen head over heels for you, Keith! Do you feel stalked? LOL! You are my greatest friend in the UK and I'm going to have a cup of Lady Grey, to celebrate Rosey - my favorite lady!

  13. Poor Rosey, it was as if she was one of those marbles going along a circuit. I could picture it all.



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