Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I can see it
just up there
I can’t reach it,
that’s not fair!

If I grab this leg
and shake
it may fall down!
but it might break

Even stood
on tippy-toes
how I’ll get it
heaven knows

Suppose I climb
up on this chair?
I don’t like heights
don’t think I dare

If I clamber
on the shelf
I might fall
and hurt myself

It’s not fair
I’ll let it be
it’s not easy
being three


  1. Bravo Keith, you captured my daughter's emotions right on spot...perfecto!

    And not fair, when you do come out with poetry they're masterpieces...not fair at all. Fancy playing a poem a day for the month of April coming up? I dare you :) I know you will do superb, if you get that genius challenged..;)

  2. read that last piece as

    "if you get that creative genius of yours challenged..;)" BTW, thank you for leaving such wonderful comments on my was a pleasure to open my blog and see so many from you.

  3. I love it, but my two toddlers have no fear of heights whatsoever. I'm forever picking both of them from places higher than my head.

  4. This is so sweet an even though it may not be fair I think it would be fair to make me three again. Nice post Keith.

  5. I want to be three again!

    Loved this!

  6. Very cute, Keith! But tell us, what inspired this little poem?

  7. MI - I was just sitting on the floor sucking my thumb when it came to me!