Saturday, January 05, 2008

Fiction Friday and Sunday Scriblings!

UL left a comment on one of my posts in which she mentioned Fiction Friday. I thought I’d have a go.

The idea seems to be that you write a piece in no less than five minutes then post it without first correcting it. That goes a bit against the grain for me, because I usually write articles a couple of days before posting them, then return to them several times for 'fine tuning' before hitting the Publish button! If you think they are pretty poor when you read them, you should see the original versions!

Actually, I’ve already broken the first rule because I am supposed to post this on Friday, and today is Saturday! But this is my first go, so I should get away with no more than a slapped wrist!

The prompt was ‘New Year's Resolution your character breaks? How soon? Why’ So here it is.

Well, as if that wasn't enough, up she popped again with another writers site -Sunday Scriblings! By co-incidence the prompt there was very similar to FFs - New Year, so I thought I'd kill two birds with one spoon so to speak!
I resolved to go to bed earlier every night. One a.m. instead of two. At one thirty I realised I’d broken my first resolution. More sleep deprivation!

I resolved to eat three meals day, like breakfast lunch and dinner. But it only lasted for one day!
It gave me constipation!

I resolved to change my route to work. Drive a different way each day. On the first day I took a wrong turn and got lost. Maximum confusion!

I resolved to drink only red wine. Good for my heart I was told. But I liked it so much I forgot to stop. Serious intoxication!

I resolved to go more green, and change my bulbs for low energy ones. Now I can’t see what I’m doing. Poor illumination!

Then I resolved to be myself, and stop trying to change the way I do things. I'm managing that one! My final resolution!

Is that it? Guess so. Now I'll pop off and post a couple of links and see what happens! Fun isn't it!


  1. Oh Keith, this was way too much resolutions to break...wonderfully crafted. Thank you for playing along, I noticed that this would be perfect for Sunday Scribblings too -and you are early for their prompt - I am surprised you are not a contributor there already as all the Writer's islands folks came from there ....

    Follw me here for a glimpse of Sunday Scribblings, and then you can pick between prompts -WI, SS or FF or attempt all three in one and post it in three places - more readers ;)

  2. typo : please read "too much fun resolutions"

  3. I chose a few resolutions several years ago and found my life so altered, I have un-resolutioned. Funny post, as always!

  4. Love that last resolution the best! I am so happy that you explained what fiction friday is! I've seen it on so many blogs and hadn't a clue. I may just try to do this too. In 5 min. You wrote such a great post and I didn't notice any errors either! thanks for friday link!

  5. Wonderful submissions, my first time doing Sunday Scribblings also:
    I love the humor within your writing.

  6. Funny stuff. Three meals gave you constipation? My only resolutions were to gain weight and lose money. Hanging out at the casino can kill two stones. I like to set the bar very low so I can feel better about myself.

  7. Fun read and it's probably best to break some resolution but it doesn't mean it's a bad thing.

    It's probably why I don't make them.

  8. Hey there Keith. Well I have to say this is very funny and I think I may just have a go at it as well. By the way I like you just the way you are.

  9. Well you managed to give me a chuckle and a giggle in your quick scribble. Adorable post, and I can relate! I'll have to try the FF! I see only perfection here! Keep up the wonderful work.

    Peace Giggles

  10. Welcome to Sunday Scribblings Keith. I like this - a fun look at resolutions, and the failure thereof. I just wrote on my own blog about why I don't bother with resolutions.

  11. WElcome to SS, Keith. It is a pleasure to see.

    I like the breaking of the resolutions. Thats one reason, I never make one!

    On the sidebar of my blog rooted, you will find many prompts. Check those out. All except one are for creative writing. Hope to see in all those.

  12. ahh!! make resoultions to braek them..that's the charm indeed!!! and I wonder why i didn't notice your absence in these sites : hope to see you everywhere ;)

  13. I enjoyed this so much! It really was great fun!



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