Thursday, December 13, 2007

I want to write a poem

I’d love to write a poem
A poem of my own
One which people want to read
So I’ll become well known.

I sit and stare into my screen
The words just fail to flow
I scratch my head and bite my nails
My poem just won’t grow.

The other day a line appeared
inside my fuzzy head.
But could I find some words to rhyme?
I wrote some prose instead.

‘The boy stood on the burning deck’
‘Lonely goat herd, hills.’
‘Once more into the breach dear friends’
‘A host of golden daffodils’

If they can do it why can’t I?
It’s not for want of trying.
My friends can do it, it’s not fair
I think I feel like crying.

So let’s have a practice -
find some words wot rhyme.
Let's try really really hard
And invest some time.

Bard, card, lard, yard, jarred?
Plop, hop, drop, cop, mop
Kite, white, fight, might, plight
Stop, crop, lop, bop, flop

That didn’t help, at least I tried
I don’t know what to do.
But wait a minute, something stirred!
A feeling that’s quite new.
Here goes!

‘He gazed into her longing eyes
And saw inside her mind.
He gazed at her and realised
that he...he ....he.....’
Oh poo!
I guess I’ll never make the grade
I’ll never be a bard.
Poetry is not my thing
It’s far too bloody hard!


  1. Ahhhh sir I would say you already are a poet may just not know it. Love it.

  2. Smarty Pants!
    Great poem, easy for you to do!

  3. Jadey and Little Wing - thankyou!

  4. Missy - that's why you are a poet and I'm not!

  5. this made me chuckle - methinks thou dost protest too much...

  6. Pauline and Missy - talking behind my back now! Protest indeed.

  7. Not a poet, he says
    Bah, me says!

    Keith, you pulling my leg here???


  8. What a hilarious kind of poetry That is keith's specialty
    I think he can do more
    Just don't see it as a choore

    You're story telling is also subleme
    I was jalous of the one with the bird theme

    Pffff that's out Bad spelling he

  9. I have felt that way about myself too. What I write is not poety!

    However, your is!!

    reading room

  10. I don't say much, about poetry.
    'Tis far too difficult, for li'l ol' me!
    That's why I admire, so completely,
    The efforts of me ol' mucker - the great Cheffie.

  11. But my dear poetry is just so much your thing.

  12. Very cool. I admire the discipline and technique but I loved the humour and the reverse illogical ironicalnesses.