Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Cheffie and the crew go out for dinner!

Richard, Cheffie, Alice, Tia, Sam, Jacky

I work with a wonderful bunch of guys! They are mostly teenagers and they are credit to their much maligned generation.

We work hard in our kitchen, and the the front of house gang pull their pints without protest.Customers can be a funny bunch - just drop into this article this to get an idea of what we put up with!

 But they go about their work quietly and efficiently - a credit to their generation and profession!

So tonight we all went out to a restaurant. We had a great time! And afterwards we adjourned to Chateau Ceffie for a nightcap!

Tia, Jacky, Alice, Sam, and Richard - I salute you!


  1. Well Mr. Keith,

    They should be so honored to have you working with them and caring so much about them. It does however look like you are saluting something else in this pic lol.

  2. What a fine looking dessert!!!!!!!!!

  3. Keith now I know what keeps you young. The dessert is interesting

  4. Shoot, I never even seen the dessert! I kept asking myself..., "Where were his thoughts at that moment?" LOL!
    So glad you had a good time, Cheffie! Merry Christmas!

  5. Shame on you, matey. Trying hard to pretend that you are admiring that dessert!

  6. haha that was a wicked night out lol, nice tits sam he he but my desserts was best CHOCOLATE!!!!

  7. You are soooo naughty!
    Sending my best from New York,