Sunday, November 11, 2007

Writers Island - Friendship

I used to have a ginger cat
First friend I ever made.
Got squashed outside my house one night,
I scraped him up with a spade.

I had a friend at junior school
I called him Sunny Jim.
One day he took off with my girlfriend
That’s the last I saw of him.

When I got my first job
I made a friend of my boss
We fell out when he sacked me
That made me awfully cross.

When I left home to work away
I shared my flat with mates
But they were always in the way
And ruined all my dates.

So when I got my own place
I had a friend called Jane,
She let me down - I threw her out
I went to live in Spain.

I made a friend in Barcelona
A Spanish senorita
At least that’s what I thought she was
‘til I found her name was Rita.

Let’s find a friend I said one day,
a friend I can rely on.
A friend that I can take to bed
A friend that I can lye on!

I got a local paper
Wrote a ‘lonely heart’,
I waited for the telephone
New friend, new life, new start.

I got a date, hooray I said
I’ll keep her if I can
But once again my plan went wrong
Turned out to be a man.

All my life it’s been the same
Friends have let me down.
Girlfriends, wives and drinking pals
White ones, black ones, brown.

But now I have a real friend
Someone who knows my mind
Someone who thinks like I do
Someone who’s really kind.

A friend who’s always by my side
A friend who’ll never flee
A friend who knows just what I want
My new best friend is me.
My story continues! The Stranger - part 4


  1. Keith did you write this. It is super excellent hilarious.....and seriously sad of course. Gold star for this and eh......I am not a bad friend?

  2. Blimey Keith. When you said, "A friend who'll never flee", I thought ginger had returned from outside your house, like the banditin Kate's story!
    Good 'un, mate.

  3. I guess the only true friend that any of us have is ourselves cause if you can't be true to yourself than who can you be true to. Very nice and I love the humor in this piece. xxoo

  4. hilarious... and the last two stanzas hit the nail on the right spot... :)

  5. This poem is incredible! Lots of humor with a touch of sarcasm lol
    And you there is a lot of truth in this poem.

  6. Oh this was so funny, I was cracking up so bad, my work mates were staring.. Thank you. BTW, I tagged you at my site, hope you wont mind, you dont have to play, no pressure, but thought it would be fun. Thanks.

  7. Keith
    We seem to have totally opposite themes on this topic :)
    was really fun to read,,,

  8. mine too.. and i might add a wonderful refreshing change......

  9. Keith,
    Keith's take upon the friendship gig
    has given all a laugh.
    With cynics words he makes me dig
    To match his wit by half.


  10. this was so wonderful...left me with a nice feeling after reading it. And you are right....being friends with oneself makes the journey easier....

  11. Phew!, that was fun - don't you ever wonder what happened to Sunny Jim though?

  12. Marja- I did! Very childish attempt at a poem but I had great fun writing it!

  13. Dickiebo

    The ginger cat was full of fleas
    His name was Itchy Pete
    He's scratch and scratch and scratch and scratch,
    And cough and fart and sneeze.

  14. Jadey TA and Gimme - I am the one true friend I have!

  15. UL - glad you enjoyed it 0 - I'm allready working on the tag

    Paisley and Rambler. I felt that this subject would produce some very serious stuff so I had deliberate attempt at lightening the topic.

  16. Ice and Aka Danny Wise

    Friendship's all about a laugh
    and if it helps, a tear.
    Cynicism has it's place
    as well as fun and cheer.

    Sunny Jim grew old and fat
    My girlfriend upped and went.
    He settled down and bought a cat
    And lives in sunny Kent

  17. Prats. If you are not friends with yoursef how can you appreciate the offer of friendship from others

  18. This is a 'first you laugh, then you cry' post. My eyes widened and my heart closed a couple of times but a smile kept my mouth company. I love this!!!!

  19. I enjoyed this too......some real truths within!

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  22. I enjoyed this too......some real truths within!

  23. A perfectly friendly poem. :)

    Love it.

  24. love the nsiteful humor...the best of both sides...

  25. This is fantastic. It's one of those poems everyone can relate too.
    I loved the humour.

  26. It was funny, it was sad, it was true, I'm so glad!

    Sorry I couldn't resist that twisty little comment. Well, I could have, but I didn't.

  27. Keith... you are something... you've used all the words though! Made me laugh with a bit of sadness underneath, here's to cats and fleas and humor to wash it all down with...

  28. Funny and touching too! I loved it Keith.

    take care

  29. I love the poem. I struggle to write long poems so I try to keep them short. Nice work.

  30. One great ditty. Great rhyming. The underlying sadness gets across. I enjoyed reading this. Thanks!

  31. bittersweet, but so funny
    and so good to be able to
    laugh at oneself too

  32. I laughed out loud on this one. Thank you. Great blog.



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