Monday, October 08, 2007

Writers Island - Renewal

I don't normally do poetry. I don't really 'get' poetry. So often it seems to me no more than a jumble of words - lists of metaphors and similes.

It often occurs to me that poems are an easy way out, when words for a piece of prose simply won't flow.

The standard of writing is extremely high on the Island. Only people with a true love of words come here, and I am certain that the poems that wash up on this shore, are finest to be found anywhere. I just wish I understood what goes on in the poets mind.

So today, I'm having a go. I place myself at your mercy!


I’ve tried it,
I’ve done it.
Not once,
Nor twice,
but thrice.


I’ve been there,
I’ve seen there.
It happened
It failed,
now I’m free.


Now I’m reborn,
no longer forlorn.
I’m happy,
I’m carefree,
I’m ME!


The future is here,
The future is clear.
Now I will live,
now I will give,
now I will let myself grow.


What shall I do?
Where shall I go?
I’ll do what I want
when ever I want.
I’ll do whatever I please!


  1. Well Sir,

    I like it and it sounds as if your a very happy free man who likes his freedom and can't wait to do more exploring. A man who doesn't want to be tied down. Nice piece I like it. :)

  2. Interesting, is this a reaction to your holiday? lol
    I like this Writers Island - I think I might join.

  3. It's abuzz with energy!

  4. Like you, mate, I'm not into poetry, but - looks a good effort to me.

  5. i know exactly how you feel.. reborn a sense of ultimate freedom and the means to follow thru on your hearts desire.. these are the best days of your life....

  6. This is a perfect poem for the liberation of soul.



  7. Dear Keith,

    I am the opposite. I write poetry because it reflects a truer state of who I am. The mind scattered.

    I enjoyed your poem. It's joyous and freeing.

  8. You do what pleases you!!


    Poetry speaks out for me. Prose, i feel stilted. Poetry renews me. Prose does not. Sorry for rambling here.

  9. Keith,

    Poetry is prose just in a different format of wordage! Your talents excel where mine gather cobwebs. Be it prose or poetry you have a talent of allowing one to journey through your thoughts and experiences. Such a lovely piece here.

  10. Keith,well done, my friend. Don't worry about understanding a poet's mind or even their words. Just read it out loud and let the images fly.....
    I love your rambles. Such a rambling boy.


  11. In some ways, I write poetry because I can skip over things that might be necessary in prose. This poem of yours is honest without subterfuge - i hope you'll try other poems!

  12. As for this poet's mind, I think in metaphor, poetry is the best way for me to tell a story and express new associations, when I run across a poem that reads like a jumble of words I go on to the next, or back to my favorite books.

  13. Great job Keith. I enjoyed it a lot. I always like to try everything and at the moment I am tarting to enjoy poetry.

  14. Jadey - Yes, a free man and pleased to be that way!

    Gimme - My holiday has clearly had strange effect! Pleased to hear you may be joining the castaways!

    Jo - Don't be fooled!

  15. Dear Dickiebo - thanks for your vote of confidence!

    Paisley and Rosey - I certainly feel un shackled.

    Brian and Gautain - I decided to write a poem because I had just returned from holiday and had only an hour or so to come up with something for the Island. My prose on average takes me at least two days to get to the point where I am confident to post it. That's what I don't understand. To me it seems that poetry is an easy way out of writing. I don't expect you to agree. We must all do what we feel most comfortable with, and for me, that's prose.

  16. Missy - if you keep putting you down I'm going to have to spank you.

    Marja - godd to hear you are trying new things. As I said above, I didn't have time for prose this time, and a poem seemed a quick and easy way to make a contribution. But I do feel a bit of a fraud!

  17. Nicely done, sir.

    And (for me) the thing about poetry is that when it happens naturally, it's funny, touching and easy to read. When it tries to be "Poetry with a capital P" then it just seems too mucky and trite. I like your poem. It's a poem in a t-shirt and blue jeans, not tuxedo.

  18. Missy - Oh yes, I promise!

    holly mac - I love your last sentence! i wish I'd thought of it!

  19. Wonderful! I am so glad you liked my poem. Feel free to stop by any time you like.



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