Tuesday, September 11, 2007

One year on....

I can’t believe how quickly the last year has gone. Have you noticed that the older you become, the faster time goes by. One theory is that each year you live is a lesser percentage of your life. When you were a four year old, a year was 25% of your entire life. To a centurion, a year is a mere 1%!

Exactly one year ago I decided to start a blog. To this day I cannot put my finger on what led me to start - to me bloggers, and anyone who listed computers as a hobby, were anoraks, nerds! Yet that decision changed my life. My entire lifestyle changed. And when 6 months later an advert for Helium popped up on my blog, my obsession with writing went to a new level!

I suppose I was steered toward writing by my family. I decided that instead of sending postcards when I was away on my holidays, I’d keep a diary. Once home I would type them out and distribute them. They went down well, and it was suggested I use them as part of an autobiography.

So, like bloggers the world over, I now think in prose! Every situation I find myself in is turned into an essay in my mind! I often drift away into my own world of words , sentences and paragraphs. I’ve become a nerd!

My first blogs were pretty poor. All my efforts during the first couple of months have long since been deleted. But one year on, I am still tapping away on my keyboard at every opportunity. My sleeping hours get shorter, and my comfortable couch hardly gets sat on!

So what will the next year bring? Will I still be blogging in September 2008? Who knows!


  1. Keith the world would be less brighter if you stopped blogging. For what you have done for yourself, you have done for others by sharing this part of you we see with our eyes and read. I am thankful you came into my life, yes I am.

  2. Keith congratulations on a year of blogging!!!!!!

  3. Don't stop, never give up, then one day you'll reach the top! (or something like that!)

    Happy 1st birthday - I love your blog! :)

  4. Keith I got your stories up. I am glad to see you have a map for your Bexhill story that works great. Hugsss

    I am leaving some chocolate strawberries and some red wine for you in celebration of your year of blogging wahoooooo

  5. You are all so kind! Please all help me blow my candle out!

    Missy - that little map is quite clever. If you wiggle your curser around it moves, and you can make it bigger or smaller with the little buttons! I love toys! I put it there because all the places I write about are there - even the smallest villages.

  6. Congrats on one year of blogging you nerd you lol. I sure hope in a year you will be blogging.

  7. Dear nerd, you did a fabulous job and therefor I give you the totally fabulous award. Come and pick it up.

  8. Hi keith,
    I could so much relate to this post!!You said it so well!
    i too will be completing a year of blogging soon and it has really opened a new world for me.
    And yes--we have all grown as writers, havent we?

    There is something called 'writers island' which gives prompts for writing every tuesday.I just discovered it yesterday,loved the concept and i shall be doing it and putting up the link very soon.(I can mail you the link if you want me to)
    Thanks for dropping by.
    (closes door):-)

  9. Keith,
    Is 'Bogs of Distinction' intended, pray?
    You have a quite wicked sense of humour!

  10. Happy Blog-a-versary.
    I think in "blog" too.
    Waving at you wildly from New York

  11. Jadey - you've always known I'm on the nerdish side!

    Marja! What can I say! I guess thankyou would be approprite!

    PS . Thanks for dropping by. Thanks also for your introduction to Writers Island. I'll do all I can to gather together my fellow Helium writers and get them to participate too.

  12. Dickiebo! Well spotted! I put up that title in the hope that George Michael was a blogger! I need a celeb reader!

  13. Frances! I'm waving back! I went to your blog and found myself surrounded by women!I did however find your photoblog and loved it! I left you a message there.



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