Friday, September 07, 2007

It's award time!

I don’t win things very often. Although when I was 17, I did actually win a little talent contest which was raising funds for a dog rescue centre.

In retrospect, my choice of song - Old Shep - was not ideal since, it’s about shooting a dog! But it had the ladies in the audience in tears, and I won £10!

Now I come to think of it, I did once win a raffle! 1976 I think it was. I was presented with an ash tray which played Smoke Gets In Your Eyes when you stubbed a cigarette out! I didn’t smoke so I gave it away as a prize in another raffle! I wonder where it is now?

And then there was the Roy Orbison Greatest Hits double CD that I won. Actually I have to confess that I cheated! I was doing my programme on radio at the time, and the DJ on the following show had one to give away. I told him I really wanted it! It was won by someone called ‘John Smith‘! I’ve still got it today!

Anyway, I have won an award! Dickiebo nominated me following his recent win, and for that I thank him from the bottom of my bottom!

The Rising Blogger award is for the individual post - not blog, of the day! If you click on the image alongside, you will, by the magic of the Interweb, be transported to the site where you can read all about it! My article on the Ancient Town of Rye, a couple down from here, seems to have ticked all the boxes.

I am now required to nominate a post for consideration. I didn’t have to think for long. Some of you already read Mona’s blog - The Two Bits. Mona lives in India, a country I am passionate about, and she recently posted an article about the dowry system. It is beautifully written as is all her work. It deals with the subject in a sensitive way, and leaves the reader wondering how this ancient practice still continues to day. I learned a lot, and much of it was not easy reading.

So I’ve nominated Mona.

Please back me up by going to the comments section under my feature on Rising Blogger and leave your remarks. I hope the adjudicators agree that it is more than worthy of a Rising Blogger award.

Mona’s article


  1. Keith that is lovely and Mona will appreciate this! She is a lovely person and a great friend.

  2. The beautiful Mona deserves this award!
    She writes with such passion!
    I learned so much about the custom of dowry from that post!

  3. Keith. I am speechless! I don't know what to say...

    Thank you so much for thinking of me.For me the gesture in itself is a great honour & one of affection and goodwill. I appreciate it very much!

  4. Well done Keith. Thoroughly deserved. I remember reading the blog about the dowry on Mona's blog. Really fascinating and very thought-provoking.

  5. Oh yah! Mona so deserves this. I am a regular reader of Mona's blog. I will definitely back you up on this one.

  6. Just checked out Mona's place. What an amazing woman. She surely deserves it and you too Keith.

  7. oh and something else I tag you to do The alphabet of life (only if you feel like it) Come and check out the rules.

  8. Hi so nice of you to nominate Mona. Congrats to you, Dickiebo and Mona for being rising blogger nominees and winners yahoo. Cheers!!!



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