Saturday, September 22, 2007

A free gift!

Last month I posted an article called Ball in a Good Cause about a naked photo shoot for a charity calendar. If you remember, it was in aid of a water aid charity called Fresh2o.

The calendars are now on sale and I somehow managed to buy a fair few when I was in the pub last week.

So why would Cheffie want a pile of photos of footballers in the buff? I would like to be able to say that I parted with my hard earned cash because of a deeply held desire to make this world a better place. After all, I ever went to Africa it would be nice to be able to have a cup of tea. But I fear it was in fact an attack of generosity brought on by the effects of copious amounts of Harvey’s Best Bitter!

So what to do with them! After all they cost £8 each ($17 US) so I really aught to make good use of them.

So I have decided to give them away, and should the recipient feel like making a small donation to the charity of their choice, everybody wins!

No rules, just reply below asking nicely for a copy, and I’ll pass on 4 or so to the lucky winners!
The rest will adorn my bedroom wall! (only kidding! Honestly!)

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  1. It is a very unusual off, Cheffie! You are soooooo Cute!

  2. If I win. Please re-draw!!!!

  3. Oh Cheffie baby sweets you know how much one of these would just look great on my wall. If I should win two just because I want dickiebo to get one lol. That is wonderful of you to make such a generous donation for a good cause.

  4. Gimme- email me an addy and I'l send you one!

    Dickiebo - I'm trying to persuade them to do one with the ladies team! I'l keep you informed!

    Jadey - on it's way!

  5. I'm a shamless woman

    *begs for a copy*

  6. A shameless woman who got so excited by the nakedness, she forgot how to spell naked.

  7. kb - I can't resist a begging woman! I need an address to to which to send your calendar, and if you don't already have my email address it's in the sidebar!

  8. Cheffie changing your pics alot lately.

  9. Yikes, so excited she typed naked instead of shameless.

    Thanks so much Keith. Will email you shortly.


  10. something about nekkid men starts me purring!!!!!!!!! Did I say that out loud.. lol...