Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ball in a good cause!

Fifteen stark naked men were standing in a line. Behind them was a goal post. In front, a young lady brandishing a camera. A retired Major walked past with his poodle on a lead. He was used to seeing the odd ball or two here - it was the sports ground after all. But the sight of this many caused him to go red in the face. Steam came from his ears and his moustache began to quiver uncontrollably.
Fresh2o is a very worthwhile charity which raises funds for water aid in Africa. With floods dominating the news in England, one needs reminding that in parts of Africa people are dying every minute of every day from dehydration.
The tiny village of Buxted is known locally for two things. Frozen chicken and it's football team. Several years ago, the Women's Institute raised thousands of pounds for charity by stripping off and displaying themselves in a calender. So the big boys of Buxted thought that by emulating these brazen hussies, they might be able to raise a bob or two for Water Aid. So on a beautiful day last week they stripped off their strip, and flaunted their best features in aid of charity.
I don't know what it's like where you are dear reader, but in the UK, bureaucracy has a habit of rearing it's ugly head in the most unlikely places. The Major was soon huffing and puffing down the phone to the local council. They searched and searched until they found a bylaw which stated that permission needed to be granted to carry out such a display of manhood in a public place.
It was too late of course, the deed was done! A local radio station heard about it and used it as a 'finally' item on a news spot. It was then picked up by the local paper. The national papers then got hold of it - stories like these are manna from heaven to the tabloids, especially the red tops.
As a result, advance orders for the calender are colossal! Fresh2o will no doubt benefit from all this extra publicity. It just remains to be seen if the council will try to steal some of it by prosecuting the football club.
As soon as I have a copy, I'll ensure our good lady bloggers are the first to see it!


  1. I love this story and the way you 'presented' it, LOL!!!!!!
    Nothing like getting naked for a good cause!!!!!!

  2. What a hilarious story and good to
    focus on a good cause. You are an artist Keith. I love your photo's I Didn't need your link because I already added you to my favourites. Enjoy my wine as well. Cheers

  3. Excellent write Keith will be back to see more.

  4. Streaks through Nekkid WTG wateraide.. Oops can you give me that back now? Nice work Keith and I like the way you set up your display for the relentelss book nice job.

  5. haha. Why is it that nakedness does always seem to add value to anything?

    Funny story... it will be interesting to see how it all works out.

  6. This will be an interesting calender! Far more interesting than the kitten calender I have on my kitchen wall!

  7. Alright Keith, I'm here in the flesh!
    Yes, you heard it here first!

    Look how the cafe has picked up since it went all Na-tru-AL!

    ~I was born nekkid~

  8. Interesting act of charity. Just got back from viewing your photo site. Loved it!

  9. woowoo, sounds marvelous and it was for a great cause. I want my peek lol



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