Sunday, July 01, 2007

A strange new smell in the bar!

I did it! I smoked my big fat cigar! For 250 years customers of the Bulls Head have enjoyed a smoke with their ale. From the clay pipes of yesteryear to the Marlboro Lites of today!
And I have the dubious honour of being the last person ever to smoke in this ancient hostelry!
As you are aware, I am a non smoker, so I approached this task with caution and a certain amount of trepidation. As predicted, the glowing monster had the effect of making me a little wobbly and an interesting shade of green! But I stuck at it, and one and a quarter hours after setting out on my Cuban adventure, I stubbed out the remaining stump!
This morning I awoke with a mouth that tasted like an ashtray! My discarded clothes were giving off an unpleasant odour and my restorative mug of coffee tasted vaguely reminiscent of stagnant pond water.
It's now several hours later and I have completed my first shift in a smoke free pub. At the end of the session, I noticed a strange new smell in the bar! Food!


  1. I severely dislike the smell of my hair and clothes after a night in smoke. I'm in tears at the emotion I felt with your third sentence, "For 250years customers have been enjoying...,". It is a tradition lost and I'm not big on that.

  2. A little green there sir. Smoking bad habit you don't need to take it up.

  3. Keith here's to the end of pipes and cigars smells in the pubs. Sigh it's almost sacrilege not having the two combined. You did good toasting the ending of an era. (((hug))) hope you aren't green anymore lol...


  4. Keith I am hoping that you will post a picture of the cigar once you have it mounted. I would love to see it and post the picture on my own page.

    I know that it is hard for those people who do not smoke to understand what it means to have this taken away but it really does just make me feel like slowly but surely all my freedoms are disappearing.


  5. Looks like your photographer had a little too much to drink too Keith - lol

    I object STRONGLY to this smokers rights abuse! I want to see alchohol banned in public places too and I want to see the overeating of junk food banned in all fast food outlets in the country! When the powers that be do this, I may feel this smoking ban fair and equible - until then I feel victimised and violated! (and picked on!)

    Where are MY rights?

  6. oh dear, you just reminded me, I've got a couple of cigars hidden away, problem is I'm a non smoker now.

    I've only just realised the new laws apply to bus shelters too if they have more than one side.

    I salute you for your bravery in piping out the ancient tradition.

  7. As an ex-smoker, I feel both sides of the issue. That being said, smoking has been outlawed in restaurants and bars where I live for quite a few years, and I have to say that when I go to countries where it is still legal I find it gross.



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