Thursday, July 05, 2007

Must-have gadgets!

There were three girls standing at the bar in my pub the other day enjoying a drink and a chat. They were Alice, Sammy and Charlotte - regular customers and always good fun to be around.
Anyway, Alice started talking into her hand! The others asked what she was doing and she told them that she had the latest cell phone. It was an implanted in her palm!
Then Sammy suddenly put on her sunglasses and stopped talking. The others asked her what she was happening and she said she was reading an email. Her glasses, she said, were also a computer screen.
Charlotte then scurried of to the ladies room. When she returned she had a several feet of toilet paper coming from the back of her jeans! The others pointed it out to her, and she explained that she was receiving a fax!


  1. Keith, I find this so humorous. I have heard this before but presented differently. LOL it is still as funny now as it was then. Great laugh.

  2. Did this really happen? It is to funny to not have been staged.

  3. Excellent joke !
    Sent that one around to my friends !

  4. LOL.

    Did any of them accept credit card payments?