Saturday, June 16, 2007

Things that go bump in the night!

Everyone who works with me at The Bulls Head has at some time or another been aware of a ghostly presence in the pub.

This history of the building is uncertain because some years ago the historical records were destroyed in a fire. It has remained pretty well the same since it was built in the 1700s, and the layout would suggest that it was coaching inn on the route from Battle to London.

The village in which it is situated, is known today as Boreham Street. The name originates from the Saxon word for a boar enclosure. In the Doomsday Book it is noted that the village had a population of 280 souls and woodland for 200 pigs. There were, it tells us, 3 salt mines . William the Conqueror passed through in 1066. During the 1500's there were many French names in the church register. France is in fact only about 70 miles away and the village was close to the coast before it receded leaving miles of marshland to the south.  The neighbouring village became a French settlement in 1555 and is still to this day called Herstmonceux. It is thought that the immigrant workers were employed to run the furnaces at the mines.

Smuggling was also a local industry! A village document reports that 'they would pass through and hide their contraband in the pub cellars as so not to get caught.

According to the village records, one part of the cellar was used to hang at least two villains, one of whom, Jasper is still thought to inhabit the pub. It was also used as a punishment chamber for women who were guilty of providing sexual favours for profit! T
oday the securing rings remain attached to the cellar walls.
The attic was the scene of a suicide late last century, and the ghost of the unfortunate fellow, Jacob, is now treated as one of the regulars. He doesn't like change, and often causes minor chaos by throwing glasses and suddenly dropping the window blinds.

About 18 months ago, just before my time there, a group of experts staged an investigation into the spiritual residents of The Bulls Head. This took place on a December night with several of my locals present to witness their findings. first stop was in the disused cellar where the distinct sound of tapping nails was heard by the whole group. They claim to have found one male spirit who gave his name as Ralf Edwards. It seems he was about 35 years old, wearing long black cloak and sporting a dark moustache and long sideburns.

In the attic they sat in a circle to hold a seance. It seems that one of the guests was suddenly pulled from his chair and flung to ground taking one of the others with him. They were pinned to the floor by an invisible weight and were unable to get up for five minutes.

In the living room they reported witnessing a meeting taking place. It seems there were 'about 8 men wearing dark jackets with small collars'. It appeared that these men governed the village and their law was gospel. A male energy, they claim, introduced himself, and told one of the group that 'he had been falsely accused and was a scapegoat'. He apparently said that he been hung for this, 'taken in the middle of the night and murdered'. Then one of the investigators felt a violent punch in the chest making him take 3 steps back to regain his regain his stance.

They then went to the bar area where they placed their hands on an upturned glass on a round table. The glass moved in response to various questions. Whereas the table often rocks during this part of the investigation, on this occasion it began to spin at great speed knocking one of the team to the floor! There are now deep gouges in the wooden floor in the place where it occurred.

During my time here I am hoping to spend some time in the company of spirits. However, the only spirits I have encountered thus far are the ones for sale in the bar!

Sleep well!



  1. Very very interesting. I would say those pics of the cellar do look eerie and I really would not doubt that there are probably spirits other than the alcoholic ones. Keep us posted on any other news that comes your way there.

  2. You always write such interesting articles. Thanks for such an informative and interesting look into this Place.

  3. What a charming story, Keith. I love hearing haunted stories.

  4. I used to live in a haunted house.

  5. keith this sounds horrible im not sure i want to work here any more...onli jokin! but still after seeing that weird sighting the other night i feel a bit spooked

  6. Now this anonymous comment is either from barmaid Jodi who saw the ghost a few days ago, or it's from the ghost who saw Jodi! Only kidding! See you at the pub tomorrow sweetie!

  7. lol eerie take out ouija board

  8. Oh the ghost probably is tickled pink to have the great people working there that Keith always talks about so glowingly. Better watch out Keith and be nice to them or the ghost will get you!

    I loved this story by the way.


  9. what an absolutely intriguing place,,, i should love to visit it some dark foggy night!!!!

  10. well keith neva ask me to go in the celler again coz im not....
    x tia x



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