Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The legal way to enjoy tobacco!

With the ban on smoking in public places imminent, snuff is making a comeback.
Whilst most pub going smokers have reluctantly accepted that a puff in the open air will be the only way to enjoy their habit, others have decided that a snort and a pint might just be the way to go!
Once snuff was the preserve of the elite. Now, with major names such as Red Bull promoting their snuff, it's just possible that this old fashioned nicotine fix could soon be replacing the roll-up at the bar.
Snuff was the original way to enjoy tobacco. A small pinch of the fine powder is placed at the base of the thumb then sniffed into the nostrils. Sneezing often follows, particularly by new-comers to this ancient art!
Snuff is produced by grinding tobacco leaves in a mill, then it is sieved. Oils and flavours are added before the snuff is left to mature. As well as traditional and mentholated varieties, chocolate flavours have been introduced to in an attempt woo lady users.
A snort of snuff delivers the user a far bigger hit of nicotine than a cigarette. However, it's users do not run the risk of lung cancer. Although cancer of the nose is being talked of as a possibility, there have never been any reported cases.
Alongside their displays of snuff, some licensees are now selling nicotine patches, gum and inhalers.
Surely an idea not to be sniffed at!


  1. Hmmm...I'm thinkin I will just go outside and have a ciggy before I belly up to the bar for a snort. I loved this Keith. It was a great topic for discussion at work.


  2. I learned a bit of information today I didn't know, very interesting.


  3. Hi Keith - I think it is rather typical that they bring in this ban only a few days before I hit the UK on my holidays! :(

    Any idea how this will affect us smokers outside shopping centres or in parks and such like? The thought of not being able to have a qick cigarette after being dragged all around the shops by the girl child on a mission to shop til we all drop, is too awful to contemplate!

  4. Jayne - the ban applies to all enclosed public places and workplaces. Shopping malls are a no-no, but outside in the car park is ok! Virtually all pubs, mine included, have now built outdoor covered areas for smokers - they have to be 50% open to the elements!

  5. Well that is a HUGE relief to know! lol

    Now we just have to hope it doesn't rain every day! :)



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