Wednesday, June 06, 2007

My daughter's a photographer!

My daughter Penelope takes photographs!
Very fine photographs!
Her work has won her several national awards. I'm very proud of her, and everything she has acheived.
If you care to click on My Photo Gallery over there in the right hand margin you can take a look!


  1. Keith, tell your daughter her pics are absolutely gorgeous. I love her eye for the unusual

    Very nice.


  2. Keith I love your daughters work! Did she major in photography? Is this a profession or a hobby? Does she have a dark room wherein she develops her own film, or were the special effects generated by using computer software?

    Do forgive my interrogation. Aside from gardening my secondary passion happens to be photography. In fact, enrolling in a creative writing and photography class is next on my 'To Do' list.

    (glances up at Keith)

    ..btw, the boycott was merely lighthearted fun...

  3. I'm so pleased that you put some of your daughters work up for us to see. She really is very talented.

  4. Penelope has your looks. If you are going to answer all of Ambre's questions answer them all public, cause I would like to know those too.

  5. Penny took a college course in photography after leaving school at 16. After a spell running my pub with me, she landed a job with a photographic company which has many branches country wide. Starting as a photographer, she soon rose to Style Director where she oversaw the output from her branch. Copyright laws prevent me from posting her professional work, but be assured, it's very impressive!
    She works digitally with a state of the art imaging suite, which would leave most of us mere mortals baffled!

    And she's still only 22!

  6. Hi there as you know I love photography as well. Penny did a great job beautiful pics. Tell her I said they are beautiful.

  7. What an accomplishment! 22 and already a success! Thanks for taking time to reply Keith.


  8. Very cool that you are promoting your daughter. Her work is also quite impressive. I used to teach photography. Some people are born with an eye for photography, some are not ... You're daughter's got the eye!