Friday, June 08, 2007

My Dad's a model maker!

My Father sadly passed away in December 2011. The unique pieces he produced along with the many books, articles and television programmes made about his work will ensure that he'll never be forgotten

In 1979, when he should have been thinking about his retirement, my father embarked on a new career as a model maker. 28 years on he is now considered a master of miniatures.

He specialised in tiny reproductions of Louis XV furniture. His piece, the Bureau du Roi, took four years to complete and is now considered to be the finest piece of miniature furniture in the world.

It is fully mechanical and features 16,000 individual pieces of intricately laid fruit woods. A turn of the key automatically rolls up. the desktop and unlocks the drawers exactly as in the original piece  The movement is entirely hand made and faithful to the original.
The ormolu mounts are in solid gold and attached by hundreds of hand made screws.

Remarkably, this miniature only measures 3-1/4" deep by 6-1/4" wide

Now in his 80's he has reluctantly given up his tiny tools and his massive magnifying glass and is at last having a well earned rest!

See see mores pictures of his work may I suggest you click HERE


  1. Keith,

    muy muy bonita (very very beautiful)
    It is just exquisite the detail and love and time that went into such a wonderful piece of miniature furniture. What a grand family you have Keith. Seriously you are so blessed, and talented and this you pass to your daughter.. You make me speechless and in awe.

    Your friend

  2. Missy, such praise coming from you is truly humbling. It's only a shame that the talent in my family skipped a generation!


  3. Skipped a generation? I think not Keith! You are indeed a man of unique talents. Your father's work is remarkable indeed!

    ~down with the generation gap!~

  4. Wow how beautiful. What briliant work. How many pieces has he made? Very nicely done! He deserves a nice rest.

  5. Your dad looks like a character out of a novel. And what an unusual talent!

  6. Te piece is priceless I'm sure. Is it in a museum?

    On the other topic, you look like your father and you daughter looks like your father also. So I guess she looks like you.

  7. Amazing, truly amazing! What beauty and elegance in such minute detail.

    Your father is very gifted Alan :)

  8. Keith just wanted to say I love the pics from the other blog as well around Winchester Cathedral beautiful thanks for sharing them with us.

  9. Hey Keith that is amazing!
    See you on Helium.

  10. chris malcomson26 Sep 2007, 20:02:00

    Love your dads work. been doing miniatures for just under a year now and aspecially the cylinder desk are really something to aspire to. Wow.

  11. I know where you inherited that nose from...I can see close resemblances between father and son.. beatiful work from Dad! Keith I am really enjoying this rewind into your post, catching quite a few interesting pieces that I would have missed otherwise. Thanks much.

  12. amazing, your father have big talent. you'll have your father talent. beautiful...

  13. I am miniaturist and I remember my first miniature class in 1990.... that was in Paris with your father as teacher !
    That was for me the beginning of a new job as miniature craftman.
    Last month I had the honor to be asked for some repair on the Bureau du Roi which is with the Ede & Ravenscroft collection in Naples - Florida.
    I was very happy and proud to do that and as you say, the masterpieces of your father are still loved and treasured by many people throught the museums display. This month in November, the whole collection must go to Kansas City Toys and miniatures Museum. A place to see!

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  16. Hello Keith,
    I was searching for information about your father and was saddened to learn of his passing. I knew him and collected his work in the 1980's and 1990's, until he started working for Ede and Ravenscroft. I've seen the work he did for that company in London and in the Naples museum in Florida. I bought some pieces from him personally at his flat and then from Paige Thornton in the U.S. I am writing a book about my collection, including works from some of the great miniaturists of the world. Please see my blog at Some of his work will be shown there and I would like to correspond with you at
    Thank you very much for showing the picture of your dad, it brings back warm memories. Sincerely, Cookie Ziemba

  17. Are there any comprehensive sites dedicated to his other work as well as his miniature work?

  18. I have just read the article about Denis in "Look and Learn magazine" #1008, 4 July 1981. What wonderful workmanship. So impressive.



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