Sunday, June 11, 2017


Post 1546 . Sunday June 11

Sunday's Whirligig

*The UK government is currently considering bringing in a bill to make the barbaric hunting of foxes with hounds legal once again.

A shimmering pool of sunlight greets a new day’s dawn. The vulgar extravagance and scintillating spectacle of last night’s opulent Hunt Ball was but a precursor to today’s savage pursuit of an unsuspecting fox. Yesterday spilled wine, today spilled blood.

Dressed in pristine crimson and black they sit astride magnificent horses and toast the day with a measure of port wine. An impatient pack of hounds mills and roams twixt the steed's clattering hooves. A bunch of angry protesters, each of whom carries a scribbled placard, earns nothing but flagrant disregard from the eager huntsmen and women.

Then, with a wail from a gleaming brass hunting horn, and a yelled tally-ho, the posse led by the Master moves forward then surges, leaping a fence and galloping 'cross the open field with nonchalant dispassion for the hapless objectors who dejectedly slump away.

Another day, another hunt, another fox. Another victim.

The 12 given words at this week's Whirligig are:-

Scintillating, leapcarries, eachflagrant, nonchalant, end, late, nights, spill, way and dawns. 



  1. Beautifully written Keith. An ugly side to the Britain I once knew. I half hoped this cruel blood sport had been banned by now.

  2. I remember going to a Boxing Day hunt as a child - you capture the scene expertly

    1. The hunt used to start from my pub before it was banned and as landlord I was often invited to the hunt ball. That's what inspired my piece.

  3. Well written! I side with the fox, for sure. Be well!

  4. This is a sad piece, Keith. I hope fox hunting is outlawed for good.

  5. great take on the prompt, Keith. hope fox hunting is gone for good!