Monday, March 20, 2017


Post 1483. Monday March 20

This week are writing to someone we hurt.

To whom it may concern

I’ve lived with the guilt for forty years. I still wake up in the middle of the night in a sweat, thinking about it.

I was the person that ran into you on my bicycle in the park at two forty-seven on the afternoon of August the sixth 1977. I sent you flying backwards into the middle of a family’s picnic splattering them with sticky trifle and cream cakes. I veered into a rose bush and went head-first into the pond splashing a torrent of dirty water all over you and the picnickers. I startled a swan which leapt out of the pond flapping its wings knocking you senseless. The children started screaming, the father cursed and the mother burst into tears. I dragged my bike out of the water and rode off as fast as I could.


Ahhhh, I feel better now!



  1. I wish my regret were so innocent. ~shudders~ At nineteen I was a terror, my hormones leaving scorched earth in place of hearts.

  2. Too funny! He has lived with that gilt for a long time! I'm sure the family would have great laughs about the incident in retrospect when they get together for a picnic. I once attended a picnic where the whole picnic table was off balance and fell over, with all the food falling on us, it was indeed a mess, and so much good food went to waste. We left hungry :-(

  3. Great theme reveal, I loved it. Can’t wait to read more.
    My theme:

  4. Wow, that's not a true story is it, Keith?

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  5. Oops.. that guilt story tickled my funny bone. Once I crashed into the flower shop head first and all roses and sunflowers were in mouth and head and neck :D

  6. Wow. You are like a one man tsunami.

  7. Wow. This one brought forth all sorts of visuals! Obviously tramatic for you, however I can't help but chuckle a little ;)
    Thanks for sharing,


  8. I could actually picturize this.
    Maybe you should treat this person for a nice cuppa coffee or something :-)
    Thanks for the letter