Saturday, February 18, 2017


Post 1455. Sunday February 19

The Sunday Whirl

It was nice of him to offer me a lift in his yacht. I'd always wanted to visit the uninhabited island across the bay. Off we went, bobbing up and down. He shouted ‘duck’. I looked to port and starboard, but I couldn’t see one. It was then the boom swung round, bonked me on the head and knocked me overboard. He didn’t seem to notice and kept going, chattering away as if I was still there. 

Anyway, I managed to swim ashore and I had a nice time wandering around the island. I paddled in a stream, picked a daisy, drew a line in the sand, picked another daisy then got bored. Then it occurred to me I was marooned. What now?

This kind of thing must have happened before because some thoughtful soul had left a white board, a pot of paint and a brush on the beach. I wrote HELP on it, propped it up and hoped someone would see it.

Somebody did. A pretty girl landed her paraglider alongside me. She told me to jump on her back, so needless to say I did. Then she ran along the shore until we shot up into the sky. Weeeee! I stretched out my arms like aeroplane wings. Bad move. I did a free fall back into the briny.

I suppose I could get like this island.

Of the 12 given words at The Sunday Whirl, I have used these ten - boom, marooned, swing, fill, seem, line, sign, stream, hope and sky.



  1. This poor guy is having a run of bad luck, isn't he?! Then again, island life might not be too bad, for awhile at least! :-)

    I think you are testing to see if we are paying attention here! There are two posts numbered 1451 and two numbered 1452. It made me do a double-take to make sure they weren't repeats! ;-)

    1. My lovely little loft is the nearest thing to an island I wish for!

      *Well spotted - duly corrected! According to my stats this is actually my 1456th post, but I'm not scrolling all the way back to 2006!

  2. Oh water twit — just when he had it made!
    I enjoyed the story, and memories were stirred by the image of being swatted out of the boat by the boom!

    1. Oh dear - I assume you suffered a similar boating incident!

  3. Very funny. Duck. ~snicker~ I'm proud to say I saw that coming. No self respecting sailor would point out water fowl.



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