Sunday, February 05, 2017


Post 1442. Sunday February 5

Sunday Photo Fiction

‘Come in’ he said. ‘Great to see you; give me your coat. Go through to the lounge and sit yourself down. Right now, what would you like to drink?’

‘Got a beer?’

‘Let me see? Errr, sorry, no’

‘A glass of white wine then please’

‘Sorry. I may have some red’


‘Ah, it’s all gone’


‘Mmmm, no’


Oh dear!

‘I’ll make do with coke then’

‘Bit of a problem there...

‘Seven up?’

‘Oh dear!

‘Six up? Only joking! Lemonade?


‘Water will be fine then. Have you got sparkling? No? Still is fine then’

‘Is tap water all right for you?’

‘Delightful thankyou’

Do you want any nibbles?’

‘ I’d love some chips’

‘Afraid the dog ate them’

Cheese straws? Or did the budgie nibble them? Only kiddin'!'


‘Biscuits? Bombay mix? Tacos? An apple? Banana?’

‘I’m really sorry, but no’

‘Tell you what, The Red Lion is just around the corner. Why don’t we go there?’

‘Good idea'!

‘Welcome gentleman. What is your pleasure this fine evening?’

Two pints of Doombar, a bag of cheese and onion crisps and a packet of pork scratchings landlord please’

'Ah, really sorry sir, but.............'

Our inspirational photograph at this week's Sunday Photo Fiction is supplied by J Hardy Carroll


  1. Hahaha that did make me laugh. Especially the last bit.

    1. Thanks so much. Nothing like writing a bit of nonsense now and again!

  2. Made me smile on a dreary Sunday afternoon. Thanks!

  3. Great fun, what a disappointing trip to the pub!

  4. Gosh I'm glad I don't have friends like that ... and then the pub is dry too ... have a good week - cheers Hilary

  5. This was a fun read, it could often happen at my house because we live in the country and rarely have visitors, or refreshments to serve them. But I usually have iced tea at least. It's a sad day when then local pub runs dry, or maybe they were just out of snacks, I hope! :-)

    1. Nothing wrong with a cup of iced tea!

  6. Awesome! I'm picturing pub scenes from "Sean of the Dead". Love that flick.

    1. That hadn't occurred to me! Thanks Darla

  7. Funny story. Doesn't sound a fun place to go.