Saturday, December 31, 2016


Posted Saturday December 31

This week’s words at Sunday's Whirligig are - bottom, breath, blue, dressed, drowning, discovered, match, mirror, mine, losing, love and lap .

The first thoughts that sprang into my mind when I read the prompt words were ‘does my bottom look big in this’ and standing before a mirror breathing in! I never go for first thoughts you’ll be relieved to hear!

Typical. I queue for a bus for ages and two arrive together. Most of them crowd onto the blue bus, so I jump on the white one. The doors hiss closed, and we glide off. An elderly fellow sits staring at the floor gripping a white walking stick. I think he’s asleep. And there’s a lady dressed in white. She bears a fixed grin and gently strokes a white cat on her lap. Odd. I get my Kindle from my pocket and start to read. It’s a love story. I don't like love stories. Why did I buy it?

The bus stops and I look up. Where on earth am I? The other two shuffle off so I follow. I’m met by a woman in white carrying a clipboard and she indicates that I should follow her. We walk into a building and down some steps. At the bottom everything is white. The floor, the ceiling, the walls, the glass in a mirror, my breath. It all matches. She pushes open a white door and I wander in. The door closes behind me. I come over tired so I climb into bed and pull the white sheets over my head. In seconds I'm asleep.

Often I wake in the early hours of the morning with a story running through my mind. It always has a start and a middle but no end. I have to jump out of bed, rush to my computer and type it out as quickly as I can to prevent losing it. It’s just happened again, hence what you’ve just read. Now I need an ending.

Hang on; this keyboard isn't mine. This isn’t my room. Everything’s white. Where am I?


  1. Wonderful! I think you've found yourself in very good destination! :-)

  2. Hi Keith - so no white ... ice-white ... clever story telling - have a wonderful year ahead .. cheers Hilary

    1. Thanks Hilary. Happy New Year to you - we really should meet for a drink and a chat some time soon.

  3. Endings can be beginnings..all that white and disorientation remind me of psychiatric wards.. i hope he is in a better place though

  4. Next time Keith take the blue bus even if it is crowded. Clearly those passengers knew about the dangers of boarding the White one.

  5. So where were you really?

    Where was the white bus going?

  6. We can guess where the all white room was. I would have preferred the big bottom poem.
    Something I can relate to:)

  7. Great story to keep us guessing as to where the white room was.

  8. This reminds me of an old ad promoting milk, of all things. An evil executive died crossing the street and thought he was in heaven. There was even a white cat! But then as he jammed a huge chocolate chip cookie in his mouth and opened the refrigerator to shelves of milk cartons he found each and every one empty. Flames licked around the words "Got milk?" as the commercial closed. Well, actually you can see it here:


    Great story, once again!



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