Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday Photo Fiction

Posted Sunday October 16

Mummy says that if I’m good, very very good, fairies will come and nibble the stuff in the bird feeder thing that Daddy put up in he garden yesterday.

So today I made my own bed, I helped Daddy make toast for breakfast, I didn’t have strop when I was told to have a shower (I hate having showers, I prefer to play with my rubber duck in the bath) and I have already come to bed and set my Barbie alarm clock ever so early because fairies like their breakfast just as the sun peeps over the hill. I don’t.

I think I saw a fairy once. I hope I see some in the morning. Do you think I will? I have  left my curtains open a teeny weenie bit and I have sat Mister Teddy on the window sill so he can wake me up if I sleep too long and they come before Barbie wakes me up, because I do sleep too long sometimes.

Mummy just shouted up the stairs ‘Who are you talking to Millie?’ 

‘Mister Teddy' I said!

So night night -  hope the bed bugs don't bite! I’ll tell you tomorrow if I am lucky and see the fairies.

Thanks to Sunday Photo Fiction for this week's inspirational 



  1. The faith of a child is a beautiful thing! I once knew a child riding with his father when a deer crossed the road in front of them. Without hesitation the child said "make another one come, Daddy!" If only we were as perfect and powerful as they believe! This is a lovely story, Keith! Maybe children can see fairies and such because they believe, and we can't because we stopped believing.

  2. This gave me a huge smile. It's so sweet and innocent. I love it.

  3. Lovely tale filled with magic and wonder. Shame we can't all keep a hint of this :)

  4. Very cute. The innocence and belief if children in magical and imaginery beings. I keep wondering what would happen if she actually saw a fairy? Nice write!

  5. What a delightful vignette! I tried to grow a live "fairy" garden. Unfortunately, my home doesn't have the right lighting for even miniature plants. So, now it's filled with zombie figures for Halloween. ~grin~ Happy writing!



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