Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Three Word Wednesday

Posted Wednesday May 25

This week's given words are joyous, happy-go-lucky and ignorant.

'Hallelujah brothers and sisters. Joyful Jolene and Joyous Georgie-pie are here to en’ertain and inspire ya-all! Hallelujah!'

Look at them all, happy-clappy happy-go-lucky happiness oozing from every corner, every crevice, every heart!

'Hallelujah  brothers and sisters! Give generously. Your pot of gold is the key to the gates of eternal happiness'

Ignorance is  bliss, or so they say. Hypnosis is a profitable ability as J and G-p know so well.

'Hallelujah' shouted Joyful Jolene as she counted their spoils. 'Hallelujah'  yelled Joyous Georgie-pie as they set off down the road to the next land of milk and honey. 'Hallelujah brothers and sisters. We are on our way!'