Saturday, May 07, 2016

The Sunday Wordles

Posted Saturday May 7

This week's given words at The Sunday Whirl are news, road, bit, show, flow, after, 
map, trance, mass, chant, rant, and block

At The Sunday Whirligig we have send , rain, think, sound, light, marvellous, beneath, force, blinds, falling, water and little 

I was running late and driving a little faster than I ought. I rounded a bend and – whoa! A traffic jam. I slammed on the anchors and screeched to a wobbly halt. Map, map, I must have a map. I didn’t have a map. The traffic news came on the radio. Avoid the A-whatever-it-was. It's blocked. Marvellous I  thought. Thanks a bunch.

I sat beneath a cloak of cotton wool clouds, spring rain falling from the sky. I watched as little rivulets of water trickled down the glass. Listen to me! I always think poetic thoughts when faced with a crisis. It doesn’t help though.

I was trying to send a text to my office explaining my absence when I heard a strange sound. Then  I noticed a hippy-chappy perched cross-legged on the roof of the car in front. A bit odd I thought. He was talking gobledy-gook; sort of a chant I suppose. More of a rant actually, but he was clearly in a trance. He did something right because after a couple of 'oms' the assembled mass of cars started to flow. Yea! We are on our way. Somehow, the driver forgot about the bloke sitting on his roof who tumbled backwards landing in front of me. Unfortunately, we collided and his head did serious damage to one of my headlights. That was all I needed. New lights are expensive.

So, the traffic stopped again as we waited for an ambulance and the cops. I had visions of being cuffed and arrested for reckless driving or being in control of a vehicle with defective lights. But happily I got away with it.

A few days later I sent some flowers – to the hospital that is, not the funeral parlour!

Bye bye.



  1. Phew - and no sign of Rosey either - i think if a minor road mishap takes you to cotton wool clouds it's worth it!

  2. How unfair - he intercedes to get the jam unjammed, and gets bonked on the bonce for his pains - or pains on the bonce from his bonk.

  3. A neat trick, to be able to go into a trance and wait out a traffic jam!

  4. I had to catch my breath by the time I was finished reading. You packed a lot besides words into this one. What a mash-up and delightful to read,


    1. Thanks so much for your generous words Elizabeth. Much appreciated.

  5. Well, that puts a dampener on the day when things like that happen, Keith! At least it all worked out in the end.

  6. Jam...not good on toast of on tar!! ;-)

  7. Just goes to prove that acts of kindness are not always returned in kind.... but flowers may still come later! :-)

  8. well driving can be very taxing but all is well if it ends well

  9. Awesome! Even the title made me laugh. Thank you for this! I may have to write a flash fiction piece today. ~grin~ It's been a while since I've really penned fiction - a shame. You're very inspiring.

  10. This was fun to read, Keith. I love the cloak of cotton and wool clouds. Cool little drawing on the side.