Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Sunday Whirl

Posted Sunday May 22

This week's given words are itch, track, nights, spring, willing, mission, bell, sense, lost, stand, pay and gloss.

He spends his nights awake. A lost soul, sleep denied him by the haunting knell of a mission bell deep in the recesses of his troubled mind. Perhaps one day he will come to his senses, stand up to the demons within and be willing to set off along the winding track to redemption. To drink at last from the fount of all wisdom, the cleansing water of the eternal spring. To repay his debt no matter what hardship it demands Until then, the mission bell will beckon unheeded. Until then.


My friend Rosey was itching to tell me a joke the other day. 'This bloke scrounged a lift home in a car from the DIY store. He had a tin of paint. The driver was worried about it tipping over and spilling, so he suggested wrapping it in his jacket. The bloke said  'It's not gloss paint so it doesn't need an undercoat'

Yes, I thought that too! Bless her.



  1. Bless her indeed and always good to keep the mission bells at bay

  2. Hi Keith - lovely story line "Until Then" ... and that joke - yes ... best keep the lid on. Cheers Hilary

  3. "...the haunting knell of a mission bell" quite poetic Keith. That's what comes with mixing with all these poets.

    1. Yes, you lot are a bad influence on me! Cheers mate.

  4. Great post today. It's not a proper joke unless you groan... that's right, isn't it? :-)

  5. I kept thinking of Quasimodo in that first one. Really excellent.

  6. Have always thought that mission bells must be somewhat haunting. You certainly made it so,


  7. To drink at last from the fount of all wisdom,
    the cleansing water of the eternal spring.

    To be blessed with wisdom is not of right. One has to work for it and to get cleansed to be worthy of it! Rightly so Keith!


  8. Ooh. Beautifully written, and thanks for the joke!