Thursday, May 12, 2016

Friday Fictioneers

Posted Thursday May 12

A couple of years ago I joined an audience of thousands at London's O2 Arena  for a performance of Bach’s St. Matthew Passion. As soon as I returned home, I  wrote a vignette of about 350 words which I still consider my favourite piece of writing. In order to comply with  Friday Fictioneer's 100-word limit , I offer you an edited version. The memory of that evening will stay with me forever. I've placed a video recording of the final chorus below should you choose to listen whilst reading.

Thank you Rochelle for hosting and C E Ayr for the photo.

Thousands fill the vast arena. Expectant, excited, impatient.

As the orchestra assembles on-stage; the choir files to the rear, manuscripts in hand.

To spontaneous applause, the leader appears violin in hand, followed by the conductor who acknowledges his welcome then turns to the musicians, taps his baton on the rostrum then raises it. My heart misses a beat.

Wrapped in a lush blanket of sound, I close my eyes. Everyone disappears. It’s just me and the music, rising and falling, carrying me with it. On and on. I shudder as it reaches its magnificent climax.

Then silence followed by thunderous applause. People stand, clapping, shrieking for more.

So ends a night of passion.

To read all 350 words including the flowery bits I cut out, click HERE



  1. Ah, ecstasy! Beautiful work!

  2. i can feel your passion in your words, great

  3. i can feel your passion in your words, great

  4. Wonderful! Passion squared. I can imagine how such a performance in such a place stays with you forever.

  5. That is what music can do to you... Magic...

  6. Evocative! well written as usual.

    Here to request you to swing by mine for hopefully a pleasant surprise.

  7. you nailed it. i don't know if anybody could have said it better.

  8. "Wrapped in a lush blanket of sound"..OMG..I love that!

  9. I love Bach's music and my parents had a recording of the Matthaeus Passion as it is called in German. They played it every Easter. Such beautiful and rich music. Thanks for sharing your experience with us :-)

  10. Wow, this is wonderful. Perfectly describes a night full of passion and passionate people.

  11. Dear Keith,

    I'm a violin junkie. I don't play but I love the sound. Lush blanket. Beautifully described.



  12. As only music can stir the passion!