Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Three Word Wednesday

Posted Wednesday February 3

This week's three words are unsteady, abrasive and tearful.

It’s a typical Friday night at The Dog and Duck and the usual crowd are sitting over in the far corner. 

There's Tina. Tearful Tina they call her. It takes nothing to set her off. Any story that’s vaguely sad starts the tears flowing. Not just sad things either. She sees a kitten, she cries. Someone says something nice to her, she cries.  When she laughs, she cries.

Then there goes Unsteady Eddy. As he totters back from the bar with a tray of drinks, everybody dives for cover as he slops beer and cascades coke all over the place.

There on the right sits Rude Jude. Her abrasive manner regularly sets off Tina’s torrents and makes Eddy more nervous and clumsier than he normally is.

Add Pompous Pierre, Jolly Gillian, Lanky Larry, Snotty Dotty and Windy William to the mix and you have the most eclectic crowd you could ever wish to ....avoid!

So I’m of The Bicycle Arms to meet my friend Rosey. She’s like all of the others rolled into one. But don’t tell her I said so!



  1. Rosey sounds a handful. i love the descriptions of everyone at the bar.

  2. Just hope she doesn't read this post. Where have all those old pubs and locals gone?

  3. I wonder if we are all a composite of that odd bunch - although Rosey shines in her own Rosey way :)

  4. That's an important choice, the right pub, the right people. With Rosey? You're good.

  5. I won't say a word to Rosey. ~grin~ Thank you for the smile.