Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sunday's Whirligig

Posted Sunday February 21

Our Sunday's Whirligig words are broken, chasing, wise, sheared, basket, jagged, swims, remains, missing, pilgrim, sorrow and keep 

One for sorrow, two for...sorrow.

Her life, an empty basket. Nothing remains, nothing worth keeping. Years of chasing shadows and swimming against an incoming tide. She walked a jagged path that led her nowhere. Her ideas, her ambitions, her hopes cruelly sheared. Yet always one to be wise after the event.

Just a few attended her final farewell. She who would valiant be 'gaist all disaster, they mumbled.

Three for a funeral, four for...



  1. Yes, your basket need to be filled with life's experiences that made you laugh and even made you cry to show that you really lived.

  2. and still she's learned some lessons and got experience, so now I think, is a time to collect a gems... again...

  3. Excellent use of these words.Life is for living....but that is a very subjective statement.All depends on what you define as a worthwhile life.