Sunday, February 07, 2016

Sunday Photo Fiction

Posted Sunday February 7

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This week's photo at Sunday Photo Fiction is of a place I know very well!  I regularly use it for day trips across the sea for lunch in Calais, for a 'booze cruise' to a cheap and cheerful wine warehouse, or as the first step on my way to holiday - often with  just my little tent for company!

Her car was first in line at Dover Docks. She was first on board and first to reach the bar.

Champagne please. A large glass Miss? No, a bottle.

The ferry glided away from the quay and headed out into the English Channel. She stood on the stern deck, glass in one hand, bottle in the other, leaning on the shuddering railings. She watched as the wake tumbled away into the distance. The white chalk cliffs grew smaller and smaller then smaller still. Grey smoke billowed from the funnel, floated skyward then joined the floating clouds above.

Her tragic life played out in her tortured mind. Her sombre thoughts, her painful memories, her reason for carrying on swept away by the rushing wind. 

Please join your vehicles, an unseen voice said.

The obedient passengers filed down to the car deck, and one by one drove from the ferry and away into France and beyond.

On the stern deck lay an empty bottle, a shattered glass and a set of keys.

Down below, just one car remained.



  1. Great story, did she die? Was she poisoned? WHy was she poisoned. So much I want to know. Part II?

  2. Oh my. I hope there's sequel to this. :)

  3. I wonder if they will find her body somewhere between Dover and France.

  4. Wow... Talk about a change of plans? What happens next?

  5. Sigh, I think she jumped :( .. Great piece!

  6. I agree with swritings. Well done!