Thursday, February 11, 2016

Flash Fiction

Posted Thursday Friday 11

This week's photo prompt is provided by Ady. Thank you Ady!

I was talking to Fred Dobson the other afternoon. You remember Fred; always sat on the red bench and fed the pigeons. Do you remember how they all fluttered down whenever he arrived?

Fred was reminiscing about the characters he knew in the village. I'm sure he had a soft spot for Maisie Riley although he never said as much. And she for him by all accounts. He asked me to give her his regards should I bump into her. I didn’t have the heart to tell him she passed away last week.

Fred asked me how his precious dog was doing in his new home. I told him Rastus still pines for him.

So should you ever see me sitting alone on the red bench surrounded by pigeons, I'm not talking to myself. Am I Fred?

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  1. Great story. Not sure if he Fred is real or an imaginary friend. Or someone who was alive and now is dead, an old buddy!

  2. Wonderful story! Fred has died and meets him at the bench to feed the pigeons. Oh wait! He's Fred!

  3. I like the conversational tone throughout and then the little twist at the end.

  4. Ooh, is he, or isn't he? Hmmm... Intriguing story! :)

  5. I agree about this being very intriguing.