Sunday, January 10, 2016


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I haven't written a kid's story for a while so I thought I'd put that right! The photo prompt is from Sunday Photo Fiction

Little Millicent was skipping around the field in her pretty fairy costume when she heard a sad little voice.

‘Help me, please help me’

Millicent stopped and looked up into a tree. Sitting on a branch was a tiny fairy child, its translucent wings quivering, tears trickling down its alabaster cheeks. Millicent held out her hand. The fairy fluttered into the air and landed in her palm.

'Why are you so sad?' she asked.

‘Because I am lost, please take me home’

She knew where to take her. It was a secret place known only to a special few, just children who truly believed in fairies.

Soon the tiny fairy was back with her family. The Fairy Godmother promised Millicent that no matter what became of her, in good times and sad, there would always be a fairy to watch over her.

So if you ever see Millicent looking over her shoulder and smiling, you know that her own little fairy is just behind her.


  1. oh this is lovely! :)

  2. A lovely story, some nice word pictures in there. I've never written a kid's story, I don't think. I may try one.

    1. I have a separate blog for kids stories - there's a link in the sidebar. Have a go tedstrutz, it's fun!

  3. How sweet! I feel that angels watch over me, to be honest. There are situations I should never have survived in my mundane life. Blessings to you!

  4. Ah .. this is so sweet .. love the story. Bastet