Thursday, January 28, 2016

Entant Cordial

Once again my piece for Friday Fictioneers would be better described as Faction, based as it is on something that actually happened to me when I purchased a large run down house in a small French farming village.

Picture: Chateau-de-Sable. C E Ayr

“Entrez” said I using up one word from my meagre stock of mots François.

“Merci” mumbled Monsieur le Maire tightening the string around his baggy trousers as he climbed from his rusting 2cv.
I was seeking permission to convert the grounds of the dilapidated house from a smallholding to a garden worthy of Capability Brown. 

“Non monsieur, non non non” he spat. Even I as a non-French speaker recognised that his answer was in the negative.
However, a bottle of whisky later he was not only applauding my plans but offering me the services of the village gardener!
Such is l’art de la négociation Française.

My house!


  1. Things a bottle of whisky can do, huh? :)

  2. Belle histoire.
    Et quelle jolie maison!

  3. Ha.. Love what booze can buy.

    1. It plays an important part in village politics!

  4. Dear Keith,

    Amazing what a bottle of hooch will do.



  5. What? A continental bureaucrat capable of being 'bought'. Never! :( See how I avoided insulting the French and including the Spanish...

  6. Good Whisky, and a lot of it, make negotiations go smoothly. Fun story.

  7. In other words, he entered into the "spirit" of the negotiations (pun intended). Congratulations, Keith. It's a beautiful house. :) --- Suzanne