Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Star

I have combined Sunday Scribblings 2 and  Sunday's Whirligig using most, but not all of the given words!

It was very late. John Brown, the landlord of the Star Inn had bid farewell to last of his customers and friends as they stepped outside into the deep snow that lay like a blanket of sparkling white on the lane and the surrounding fields. He looked up, and directly above the pub was a star, the biggest brightest star he’d ever seen. As he pulled closed the heavy oak door, it shut with a reassuring clunk. His day of toil was over.

He settled the burned remains of the log fire, then flicked the switch plunging the ancient building into darkness. John started climbing the winding stairs, but as he reached the third step he heard a loud banging on the front door.

John sighed a heavy sigh. Perhaps someone had left their keys behind or maybe their gloves or hat. He reluctantly returned to the bar, and muttering something under his breath turned on a light and started towards the door. Another loud, almost frantic bang. “I’m coming” called John “I’m coming”

The door creaked as he opened it. Standing ankle deep in the freshly fallen snow was a young man with a terrified expression on his pale face. “My wife’s having a child” he said “The ambulance couldn’t reach our cottage so I was trying to get her to the hospital myself, but our car is stuck in a drift over there” He pointed to an abandoned car. 

“Can we come in? Do you have a room we can use? Will you help us? Please? Please?”

“I have no spare rooms. This is just a tiny pub.

John saw the desperation in the man’s face, and knew something he had to do something. “Let me help you bring her in” he said” You can stay in the snug bar over there”

A baby was born. A boy. Somehow, news of the birth spread through the village. One by one the locals came to the door to see the new child. Some brought small gifts – a little gold bracelet, scented candles and a bunch of sweet smelling flowers.


All that was years ago. The village still looks the same, and the same people live there. But something feels different. A place where something special must have happened. The rest, as they say, is history!


  1. Ahh a Keith like, warming updating of the tale! Maybe the world is never the same after any birth - we are all very special after our own unique ways of course!

  2. How important it is to bring the story up to date to emphasise the relevance of the story on each of us today. What would we do in the same situation? Would we show compassion or not? Excellent and timely post Keith.

  3. Really like your reenactment of that old story, bringing it closer to all of us. I like to believe there are those moments that change a place and the people in it.


  4. What a delight! Thank you for the smile today.

  5. Aw. Beautiful story beautifully written. :)
    Happy Christmas!