Friday, December 04, 2015


Tommy is going to be a detective when he grows up. I know because he said so! 

He had a ginormous magnifying glass for his eighth birthday. It was sunny yesterday so he went out in the garden to investigate 'things' He held the magnifying glass over a pretty poppy. "Interesting" said Tommy, as he stroked his chin like detectives do on television. "I think those yellowie bits are molecu...moli... monocles...pollen"  

Tommy spotted a whopping great spider’s web. "Let’s have a closer look" he said to himself. There was a spider in the middle, a big hairy brown one. Suddenly there was a puff of wind and the web started to whirl around with the spider hanging on for dear life. It alarmed Tommy a little bit and he jumped backward catching his foot on the rockery and landing on his bottom. "Clumsy me" he muttered. "Now I know why spiders have eight legs. It’s so they get ...ten...twenty...erm...a lot of toes to hang on with" He grabbed the bird table and pulled himself up again.

Then he saw a wasp on a leaf. ‘Detectives are brave’ he thought. ‘We are not afraid of wasps’. So he got as close as he dared, and took a look at it. The wasp turned around and looked Tommy straight in the eye! Tommy’s eye must have looked huge behind the magnifying glass. I don’t know who was more scared, the wasp or Tommy!

It was nearly teatime. Mummy shouted for him to come and wash his hands. Tommy begrudgingly went back indoors. "Wow" he said as he peered through his magnifying glass. "These baked beans are enormous"! 

.Our words at Sunday's Whirligig are sunny, clumsy, wasp, molecules, whirl, begrudge, spider, poppy, shouts, crow, alarm and pulling 


  1. powerful.
    sometimes, sharp observations help.

  2. A boy with a magnifying glass is one happy boy. Great story Keith.

  3. Ah the delights of discovering the world..and finding your way around the tricky words...given the bugs and the falling over i think there is much to be said for young Tommy sticking to housebound investigations - i am very pleased he didn't torch the insects..i know a little someone who might not be as innocent!

  4. What a lovely story ... I enjoyed following Tommy about with his "ginormous magnifying glass" :-) Bastet

  5. Love it. Charlie has looked at me through his magnifying glass and I love to watch his eyes light up.



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