Tuesday, November 03, 2015

A statues life.....

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. This week's picture is Sonya by and comes to us courtesy of Priceless Joy.

Here comes another lot. A straggling crocodile of tourists trying to keep up with their flag waving tour guide.

“Over here, this way, that way, stop. Gather round the statue please”

Some are listening intently, hands cupped around their ears. Others, chatting among themselves seemingly unaware that the guide is in full flow.

Oh look, a shuffling group of Japanese disciples stopping every few seconds to take another photograph. Bus, snap, church, snap, taxi, snap, pavement, snap, sky, snap, me, snap.

Next a gaggle of schoolgirls, more interested in that  bunch of bored boys than they are in me.

Now twenty sensibly dressed ladies of a certain age are staring up at me. They are concentrating on their guides every word. “How interesting, I say, goodness me, well I never, that’s really fascinating isn’t it Doris”

The weary guide is wandering between them now, hand held out in the hope of gathering a little extra cash.

Now she’s off to collect the next band of followers. See you later!



  1. Very neat, I never thought of a story from a statue's perspective before. It might be dull most of the time, but I bet they've seen a few memorable things too!

  2. What a great idea! A story from the POV of the statue. I enjoyed it Keith!

  3. I agree. That's a very fun POV.

  4. this is cool, Keith :) reminds me of our last holiday.

  5. They sure harbor lots of secrets. Commonly the enhanced tourist season will make it more interesting and lots of opportunities to observe the various goings-on!


  6. Really enjoyed your take on the photo. Good stuff!
    Sonya :)

  7. I enjoyed reading. Nice original take on the prompt.

  8. Interesting take. A view from the statue of the tourists. Great read!

  9. Interesting POV. I shall have to behave in front of statues from now on ;-)

  10. Wow ~ Next POV is the statues take on pigeons ~ Great response to the prompt :)