Friday, October 09, 2015

What's in a name?

The given word at Sunday Scribblings 2 is Tell

I know a chap called Terence. He’s known as Tel which is an apt name because anything you tell him, no matter how private, gets passed on to everyone he meets.

I know someone called Andrew whose nickname is Andy, which is perfect because he works as a handy man!

Then there is Flora the florist and dentist Phillip shortened to Phil, who fills people’s teeth!

I know a Laurie who drives a truck, and a Jim who is a fitness instructor. There’s a Michelle shortened to Shel who sells shoes, Simon aka Si who sighs a lot, and  Mark Hiscott known as Scott who comes from...Ireland!

I’m glad my name can’t be shortened!

Here's another one!

How can bluebells tell
when it’s time
to peep above the soil?

How to birds know
when it’s time
to cross vast continents?

How does the sun tell
when it’s time
to sink beneath the sea?

How do rainclouds know
when it’s time
for me to light my barbecue?



  1. Very, very clever Keith, and lucky you are. I invariably get called V...

  2. The Laurie one cracked me up. Being from the United States, I had to think about it for a moment. Well done!

  3. They just do I suppose just as sure as a name like Keith!

  4. I don't know how but they always rains when you wash the car.Like your poem.

  5. Do you really know someone named Terence nicknamed Tel?

  6. Well Key (Keith) you opened my eyes with this one.

    1. No, doesn't really work! My only nickname is Keithy which is of course longer.

  7. Very fun! I was thinking just minutes ago how amazing it is that humans figured out how to tell time. I looked at my modern clock, but folks far more clever than me used some astonishing tools.

  8. Delightful little tale! Oh, and the rain clouds know everything!

    They Tell the Old Tales