Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ma Belle

175 words that popped into my head when I saw this week's picture!

    What a fantastic night. Belle of the ball you were, belle of the ball”

He unclipped his bow tie.

    As for that idiot who kept pestering you, I put him in his place.

He looked at his blood-stained knuckles.

    Hey, are you coming to bed? The party’s not over yet!

He went into the bathroom.

    Sally, come on sweetheart

Clothes scattered across the floor, he climbed into bed.

    Sally. I’ve got something special for you!

But tiredness overcame him. He fell asleep.


The bedside clock  read seven minutes past four. He stretched out an arm. Her side of the bed was empty.

    Sally? Sally? Where are you Sally?

He stumbled to his feet and wandered into the dining room. He found her slumped across the table. Still in her gown, she looked as beautiful as she had all evening.

    Wakey wakey sleepy head!

He gently shook her shoulder.She dropped to the floor. He picked up a scribbled note. Sorry it said. Just sorry.

He fell to his knees

    Why Sally, why?




  1. How sad. Sally took her own life and I guess we will never know why. Great story Keith!

  2. Oh, how sad. Fitting story for the picture, though.

  3. The picture does seem to throw up dark ideas doesn't. Nice done, even if it is sad.

    1. Sadness, contentedness even. I went for the former!

  4. He seems rather conceited but that shouldn't have caused her to kill herself unless she was in love with the guy he beat up and was fed up with this blow hard.

    1. There was a lot going on that even I don't know about!

  5. Well, I guess that's what happens when you don't let your partner breathe... People suffocate...

  6. Goodness Keith such a sad and seemingly senseless ending.......

    1. Jolly and sensible didn't come to mind when I wrote this! Thanks Michael.

  7. I gues the night wasn't fun for her, she had other stuff on her mind. How sad she committed suicide.

  8. Maybe she was starting to write "Sorry, I must leave you, I am in love with another" but before she could barely get a word written she died of a broken heart!!! I prefer that over suicide...your writings are very engaging they draw you in and stimulate your imagination...well written!