Saturday, October 24, 2015

Keith's Ramblings is nine years old .....

 ..and this is post number 1,201. My first  was called Lucky Dip. It got just 10 hits and no comments!* It's right HERE.

What's happening?

This weeks given words at Sunday's Whirligig are melon, whorehouse, oubliette, wearing, rattle, sleeping, touching, vanilla, mania, bone, smite and spitwad 

Sleeping. I’m sleeping. Stop touching me. I’m sleeping. Stop touching me dammit! 

What’s happening? You are wearing nothing. Nothing. Who are you, where am I?  I said stop touching me.

Melons, melons, juicy melons. juicy melons. Haha! No, lemons. Sour, bitter, lemons. Vanilla, yes I taste vanilla.  Mmm, vanilla. Ice cream, vanilla ice cream. 

Where am I? A warehouse. A whorehouse? Are you a whore? Are you? Are you?

Bones. Bones. A skeleton. Get off me! Bones, skeleton.

You are a maniac. A maniac. Don’t smite me you whore, you skeleton, you bloody maniac!

Where am I? A door. I need to go. Please open the door. No door. Up there, look, light. I’m in an oubliette. Yes.

I need to climb. Come on. Rattle the hatch, rattle, rattle, rattle. Help me, help me, someone help me, 


John? John? Wake up John.

You’re okay now.

I've got you John 

I've got you now 

*Post number one has just received
 its first 2 comments! Thanks Jae Rose
 and Paper Sea.


  1. lol that was quite a dream

  2. Melons, vanilla and ice cream..i could think of worse oubliettes...or even similar ones...he is wise to wake up from it plays havoc with your tooth enamel.. and yay once again happy birthday and glad you have another new comment