Saturday, August 22, 2015

Forbidden fruit

This week's word at Sunday Scribblings 2 is mistake. This was surely the first mistake ever made!

It was the end of a perfect summer’s day. They wandered hand in hand around the enchanted garden only stopping now and then to look into each other’s eyes and embrace.

Serenaded by songbirds, wrapped in the warmth of the setting sun, intoxicated by the feelings they had for each other. Everything about them was swathed in a mist of emotion.

He picked a fragrant bloom and placed it in her hair, held a buttercup beneath her chin, and collected daisies to make a chain to hang around her neck.

She plucked a blushing apple from a stooping bough and they each took a bite.

Never again were they seen in the garden.


  1. Personally I am quite glad they made that mistake otherwise I would not have been able to make my own!

  2. Oh well...all that bliss would have become tedious after a while I suppose !

  3. I got chills just as surely as when you've written a horror vignette! Well done.