Sunday, August 16, 2015


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Enter in all who dare!

At this week's Sunday Whirl, we are required to 'generate' a story or poem using the following words; generate, feast, laugh, escape, veins, way, sack, broke, ghost, empty, engine and torn

‘Fancy a laugh?’ shouted Mike above the noise of crowded funfair. ‘Look’ he said pointing between the roller coaster and the shooting range.

‘If you think you’re getting me in there you’ no...stop!

‘Come on Molly, this way!’ he yelled as he dragged her towards the ghost train.

She managed to escape from his grasp and made a dash for the burger van preferring a greasy feast to a plunge into the underworld.

Cowardy custard!’ he yelled as he handed over a fiver. ‘I’m in Car 22 - see you if I make it through!’ 

He clambered in, and with a jerk and a groan from the engine it made its way into the  unknown.

Armed with a double special with cheese and extra sauce she wandered across to the ghost train looking forward to seeing Mike’s ashen face and throbbing veins when he emerged. She waited a few minutes, but there was no sign of him. In fact, there was no sign of any other cars exiting either.

An anxious looking ghost in a torn sack-cloth robe staggered from the tunnel.

‘What’s happened Mister Ghost?’ Molly asked.

‘Something terrible Miss’ he replied.

‘So where’s my boyfriend?’ she enquired beginning to feel a little concerned.

Just at that moment Car 22 lurched from the tunnel. It was empty. The ghost pulled it clear; Molly stared, mouth gaping. ‘What have you and your ghastly ghoulies done with him?’  she squeaked.

A tap on her shoulder made her jump. She spun round, dropped her burger and saw a grinning Mike standing there.

He got the biggest fright of the afternoon when he saw her terrified expression and the tomato sauce dribbling from her open mouth!

‘Mike, I thought...I thought... I thought you were...’

‘No Molly’ he chuckled when he'd recovered. ‘It broke down and I walked out! Anyway, fancy a ride in a teacup or are you afraid we’ll drown?’


  1. I got so pulled into the story, that the wordle words disappeared. Thank you,


  2. Yes this is a great tale Keith. I loved the tomato sauce blood dripping from her mouth she would have fitted quite well in the Ghost Train exhibit!

  3. What a rollicking good story - I didn't notice the Wordle words, a sign of skilful use!

    1. Praise indeed coming from you kind sir!

  4. i thought it was a ghost story, great post as always

    1. Fooled you -haha! Thanks for commenting.



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