Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rosey gets needled!

The given words at this week's Sunday's Whirligig are needlework, dominoes, mend, bleached, fool, method, country, stones, laugh, humming, olive, sheep.

My mate Jake and I were sitting in the pub playing dominoes. Seriously, playing dominoes in the rub-a-dub like a couple of sad old gits! Mind you, what my friend Rosey was doing at the next table looked even more odd. She was stabbing a piece of cloth with a needle which had a tangled web of brightly coloured cotton attached. And she was humming a tune to herself! All she needed was a rocking chair and a blanket across her knees and the scene would have been complete! We just had to laugh!

I asked if she was mending something. She frowned and said “Certainly not”
She said she was being creative, artistic. She was expressing herself through the medium of needlework.

Jake and I were more than a little curious so we tore ourselves away from our exciting tournament and took a closer look.

It was... interesting. I asked her if it was a tapestry.

“No” she said, “It’s embroidery”. Then she launched into one of her pet tirades; the one about  how the famous Bayerre Tapestry is actually an embroidery and the two methods are often confused.

Lecture over,  she went on to explain that she was using silk thread to fashion a country scene with trees, sheep, and rugged rocks. 

"You could fool me" said Jake pointing at a bowl. "They look more like those stuffed olives!" Rosey looked at him stony-faced!

I asked what the red blobs were and she said “Poppies”

“Are they?” I said. “Are you sure?”

“OK” she said “If you must know I’ve pricked my finger several times with this needle so they are  blood stains” She said she didn't think they wouldn’t wash out, and if she bleached them they would go white.

“Then you could say they are daisies” I suggested.

Her deep sigh was the signal we were no longer welcome at her table, so we let her get on with her artistic endeavour. We abandoned our dominoes  and had a game of darts instead. Jake won.


  1. Curiously as amusing as this was it was the ultimate statement "Jake won" which made this writing so real and poignant. It was like remembering days of old and recapturing just a small moment of no consequence that completed the story.

    1. Thanks Old Egg. It's something I sometimes do with my stories and I've neer been sure if it was just me who got it! In fact a commenter on another tale recently said it was an 'unnecessary addition'! I will continue with it whenever the mood takes me!

  2. Haha, very entertaining story and I love the title...absolutely perfect for the story and has a very clever double meaning to it which I particularly enjoyed :-)

    1. Gee thanks! I'm glad to see it worked.

  3. This is a good 'un. Quirky, inconsequential, and highly amusing. The Bayeux tapestry is indeed embroidery. Tapestry is woven not stitched. Bayeux is very near here.

    1. Living just 20 minutes from the 1066 battlefield, it's always been of interest to me - and Rosey of course!

  4. Dear Dear Rosey...Alice is heading over with a thimble and some thread..

  5. Rosey is better off without you two, I think. Bothersome boys!



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