Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Time Traveler

Tom saw a programme on television about a man who could travel backwards and forwards in time. It looked fun. He sat in a big chair, put a tin helmet on his head, pulled and pushed a lever, and suddenly he was in another year.

‘I could do that’ said Tom.

First he needed the chair. Daddy’s big black one in front of his desk would do.

‘Now a lever’ he thought. ‘I know, a big wooden spoon from the kitchen’

He found one and tied it to the arm of the chair with string. Next the helmet. He saw a colander hanging on a hook. ‘Perfect’ he thought.

He climbed up into the chair, put his helmet on his head, closed his eyes and pulled back the lever.

When Tom opened his eyes he was in the park. But it looked different. The swings and the slide were still there, but they were brown and made of wood.

Then he spotted a boy chasing a big wooden hoop which he whacked with a stick. He was wearing funny brown clothes, trousers down to his knees, long socks, a brown jacket, and a cap on his head.

Walking behind were his parents. His Mum wore a little feathery hat and a brown and white spotty dress down to her ankles. And she had a dead fox around her neck! His Dad wore a funny brown hat with a brim, a stripy suit and shiny black and white shoes.

Then everything began to fade, so Tom pushed the lever forward. The chair felt like it was spinning. It stopped he was back in the park again.

But there was nobody there. No birds, just dead flowers and trees with no leaves. The lake was empty and everything was grey and dusty.

He heard a strange voice. "Don't let this happen Tom" it said.

Tom didn't like what he was seeing and hearing so he gave the lever a tug to take him back home.

'What are you doing in my chair Tom?’ said Daddy.

‘There’s my colander!’ said Mummy.

‘I’m starving’ said Tom.

‘Is it tea time?’

A complete change of mood tomorrow with a creepy tale called The Undertaker 


  1. What a charming story. I lived it with Tom.

    Drusilla Barron
    also @

  2. Such a wonderful story. It really pulled me in. Now I'm wondering if it was told from his perspective ... or if it really happened!

  3. Very cute. He's on a mission now.

  4. Great story - a child's perspective of time travelling.

  5. Fabulous! I really enjoyed the description of the clothing. Tomorrow's should be amazing, too. ~rubs hands together~ My blog at is number 1219 on the A to Z list today. Looks like our numbers our still dropping, unfortunately. Best wishes! And thank you for stopping by to read my humble post again.

  6. Sweet story. My kids used to wear weird things on their head - now I know they were time-travelling :-)

    Annalisa, writing A-Z vignettes, at Wake Up, Eat, Write, Sleep

  7. This story is nice! I like the time travel aspect, and the makeshift hat.

    My latest post in the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

  8. Love this! You've depicted the wonderful world of children and their imagination.

  9. I want to time travel too :D Lovely story, today, Keith :)

  10. What a nice short tale. I love the idea of time travel, so this was fun to read. :)

    The Perks of Being a Blogger

  11. Whimsical with a good moral. Don't screw up the planet! I'd be afraid to time travel though. I'd probably get eaten by a dinosaur if I tried.

    1. That's a very good reason for not doing it!

  12. Rather chilling. Another warning....

  13. this was oodles of fun! All he needed was some tin foil!!



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