Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Written for Two Shoes Tuesday and based on one of this week's words, Order.

7.30pm.  Hi, I’m Julie, your waitress this evening. Are you ready to order? An ...............excellent..choice madam. I’m sure you will enjoy it.

7.55pm. Hi, I’m Julie. Ready to order?
..              Thank you. It’ll be about twenty minutes.

8.35pm. Ready to order?
..              OK, thanks

9.18pm.  Hi.
..               Yea, it’s quite nice. Want to order that then?

9.50pm.  Yes? 
..               Sold out of that. 

10.20pm. Order?
..                Right.

10.45pm.  Made your mind up yet? Come on, I’m due off soon.
..                 About time.

11.00pm.  Sorry Julie.
..                 Time for your marching orders.



  1. Well you would have had experience of this I expect Keith. Waiters and waitresses have to be actors and play a part.

  2. I think you have demonstrated so well here the plight of service workers not only as waiters and waitresses but in almost any low-paying job that depends on the good will of the public being served. One starts out cheerful and energetic but by the end of shift it is hard to maintain that upbeat image when you are exhausted and word-weary and just want to go home. I know, I run a similar sense of "ordering" every day, near the day's end it is ever so much harder to remain patient and cheerful, but I try.