Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pourquoi me as-tu abandonné?

I wrote this piece for Sunday Scribblings 2 where our given word is Abandoned. Please forgive me for translating it into French and changing it to Abandonné!

Suddenly the lights of Paris seemed to shine less brightly. The laughter of happy times past  is now nothing more than a distant memory. Their eyes which once sparkled with joy now streamed tears of anguish down ashen cheeks.

She leaned from the gaping window and clutched his hand. Although close they felt a million miles apart, separated by the cold steel of the carriage door.

With a menacing roar the train began to inch its way down the platform, slowly at first as if to prolong the agony of those final heart wrenching moments. He choked on his emotion; she sobbed and gasped as she tried to speak. But she couldn’t.

He ran beside her holding her shaking hand until the end of the platform dragged them apart. The monster headed out into the night taking with it his very reason for being.

He stood alone, alone with his thoughts, the platform deserted. And then  in the chill of the midnight breeze he heard her whispering voice. ‘Je suis désolé mon amour’ she wept. He stared out into the darkness as tears of rain began falling from the sky. ‘Adieu mon amour’ he cried. 

He sank to his knees. “Pourquoi me as-tu abandonné? Pourquoi?”

With thanks to Google Translate without whose help this story would not have been possible!

Picture: Hands by mizutamari at deviantART


  1. Why had they forsaken each other? Sad.....

  2. C'est tres bien...(thanks for all the French I didn't learn at skool)...shame if it was set in France as the transport system is efficient therefore not allowing much space to change your mind and jump out the carriage..

  3. Well my guess she is married already and her liaison with him has gone to far. Great story Keith.