Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Forgive me

Written for this week's Three Word Wednesday where the given words are Inflict, Docile and Whimper

Forgive me Father for I have sinned

She planned it down to the minutest detail. It had to be done. And soon. No more the docile submissive victim. He had inflicted pain on her once too often; he had hurt too many people, and it was time to stop him destroying the lives anyone else. But the law doesn’t allow good deeds that involve taking a life. Her plan had to work.

It has been 15 years since my last confession

She worked in a steak bar. Special knives are used to cut through steak. Sharp, pointed, serrated.... perfect. One evening a diner gave her a bit of a hard time. He was exactly the person she had waited for. She cleared the table and deliberately ignored the slap on the bum she got from Mr Obnoxious. He could take the blame for what she was about to do. She discretely wrapped his knife in a napkin to preserve his greasy fingerprints, and dropped it into her bag.

 I have committed a mortal sin

When she got home she carefully placed the knife at the bottom of a deep drawer where it would remain until the day arrived. Then she did something that she had not done for many years; she fell to her knees, clutched tightly the golden cross that had hung around her neck since her first communion when she was a child, and prayed.

 I took the life of another person

She arranged to meet him. No one saw them arrive. It went exactly to plan. No last words from him, just a pathetic whimper. When the deed was done, she placed the knife in the grass a few yards from the ditch where the body lay. No one saw her leave.

Once home she burned her gloves and placed all of her clothes in the washing machine. The deed was done.

I am sorry for this and all the sins of my past life

She knelt by her bed. She felt for the gold cross.

It was gone.


The cross which she’d held whenever she needed comfort was found beside the body in the ditch.

Her penance was handed down not by her priest but a judge.



  1. The best laid plans...sometimes God has a way of turning his back on those who are good..and exonerating those who are bad..and all through I was rooting for her..

  2. the cross alone wouldn't be the only clue obviously she worked where the knife came from so she'd be looked at of course the judge convicted her.Great story.

  3. Damn! I wanted her to get away with it!

  4. Aw, darn. I wanted to see the butt slapper get his comeuppance too. Well, I guess murder is murder. Still, a lifetime of abuse weighs heavy on the scale.

  5. Well, that's definitely a penance.

  6. The perfect crime will not turn out to be perfect as it is wrought with bad intentions. Wonderful prose Keith, a whiff of freshness from other verses!


  7. there's hardly any justice in this world

  8. Oh I thought she'd almost got away with it - nice twist!