Saturday, January 17, 2015

Good joke Rosey! Or is it?

Written for Sunday Scribblings 2 where our prompt is the word Medicine. 

They say that laughter is the best medicine, but according to my friend Rosey, Chardonnay is the best medicine because it makes her laugh.
As you know if you follow her adventures, Rosey and jokes don’t sit well together. She hears them and pretends to understand them. And she tells ones she doesn’t get herself but enjoys the reaction she gets. Sometimes we think she’s joking when she’s not which can be a bit awkward. Like the time she told me that nine out of ten injections are given in vain. I laughed thinking she was using the word vein, you know, wordplay style. So when she later told me that she tiptoes past her medicine cabinet to avoid waking up her sleeping pills I really didn't know how to react.
The other day she came out with a tale about a bloke who went up a pharmacist and produced a whisky bottle from his pocket. He poured some into a teaspoon, handed it the pharmacist and said “Does this taste sweet to you?”. He said it didn’t and the bloke said. “Really? The doctor said I had too much sugar in my urine

Now if my ‘ole mate and fellow blogger Dickiebo is reading this he’ll just have yelled “I posted that on Facebook the other day” which is absolutely correct and that’s where Rosey and I both saw it. The reason I’ve told it here is because I jokingly said to Rosey “That’s plagiarism” and she said “So do you think the pharmacist gave him some medicine for that?” You see my problem. Serious or joking?

Her best one just recently was “I'm having amnesia and deja vu at the same time.  I think I've forgotten this before” And before you ask I really don’t know!

You really should visit My Friend Rosey. You know it makes sense even if she doesn't!


  1. I'll go along with last one; How often does something trigger a memory but you just can't place the original event. It could be almost recognising someone in the street but you just can't recall where from. If you dare say "Do I know you?" she is likely to say "In your dreams Granddad!"

  2. I will be more considerate of my sleeping pills from now on - thank you Rosey! And thank you Keith for making me smile :)

  3. Haha... I think Rosey is one smart chick. I don't laugh easily but these cracked me up!