Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Alone at last

Written for Three Word Wednesday where this weeks words are Powerful, Cold, Depraved


        Deep in the woods she runs between trees, jumps ditched and clambers up slopes, her tear drenched face ashen with fear. Images of the depraved creature that once held her captive flash and flicker in her muddled head. She’s cold, it’s so cold. But she’s alone, alone at last.

        It’s dark, no moon tonight just charcoal clouds seemingly flying fast-forward above her head. She’s dizzy and trembling and tripping and lurching, but mercifully getting further and further away from the place in which she was imprisoned for as long as her messed up mind can recall.
She stops. She holds her breath for a couple of seconds, listening for any sounds that might warn her of his pursuit. Her heart almost stops when a crack of branch and the flapping of wings break the eerie silence. But she must keep going, please let me keep going, he’s strong, far stronger than me. Powerful too not just in body but in ugly resolve.

       But she outwitted him. Just once, but once was enough because now she’s alone, alone at last.

       For a brief moment she allows happy thoughts to flood her head, but they suddenly spill out as she trips and tumbles and splashes into a pool of mud. She lays there trying to catch her breath. But she can’t. She tries her best. She gasps, and thumps her chest desperately trying to fill her aching lungs. But to no avail.Gradually the shaking ceases, the tears stop flowing and a sense of calm envelopes her. A hint of a smile appears on her lips.

       Alone, alone at last whispers the breeze.

Picture: by Lost Knight at deviantART


  1. oh how sad she escaped only to drowned in a puddle

  2. No, the words didn't exactly encourage a fun piece this week did they?

  3. but once was enough
    because now she’s alone,
    alone at last

    One can feel the sense of relief just looking at the words. More so when trapped in such a situation in real life. And a prose amidst all the poetry from others is a delight! Thanks Keith!


  4. To be safe and alone is a good thing....sometimes it takes a bit of a teary run to reach that point however..a fine story as ever