Sunday, December 21, 2014

Did you hear about Father Christmas's problem?

The words we are to use this week are eyes, always, snag, panic, sweat, talk, burn, thousand, help, choice, perform and high. I think I used them all! Happy Christmas fellow Wordlers!

     Being Father Christmas is not without its problems; especially as he is I’m told, acrophobic. No don’t laugh, it’s not funny. As occupational snags go it rates highly if you’ll excuse the pun!
     I remember that as a child I once opened my eyes very slightly just as he appeared boots first down the chimney into my bedroom fireplace. My first thought was to wonder how often he found himself standing in some glowing embers. He must burn himself now and again I thought. Then I noticed sweat running down his face and into his beard. He looks hot I thought, so I guess it must happen quite a bit.
     Now I'm grown up I understand the reason. Panic! Just imagine spending most of Christmas night high up in the sky if you don’t like heights. He didn't have a choice about taking the job of course. Like royalty he inherited it as did King George IV in that movie where he had a stammer.
     However he always manages to perform his duty every year. I expect he has a therapist to help him; someone to talk to. The only consolation is that he gets a few thousand glasses of sherry or whatever to drink along the way, plus the odd mince pie. Having said that, if my mince pies are anything to go by that’s not necessarily a suitable reward!
    Anyway, happy Christmas Father Christmas. At least you get the rest of the year off!   And by the way, I hope you've got my new address.


  1. I have it on good authority that he does ;) Happy Christmas to you and Rosey and happy 1001th post

  2. cheers!!!, this is delightful; Merry Christmas

    much love...

  3. Congratulations Keith. It is always a pleasure to visit your blog especially when Rosie is around. With the world's population expanding so much I can't believe there are not more Father Christmas's; perhaps he has been cloned. I have heard it on good account that the reindeer complain about coming to Australia in the Summer.

  4. Ah, I love this version of Santa! It's always interesting to know details...Happy holidays! :)x

  5. Santa had been at it for that long. Never thought he had problems. Perhaps others created them for him. Great prose, Keith, a fresh whiff from other's normal verses!


  6. A perfect delight, Keith. Merry Christmas!



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