Sunday, December 28, 2014

Rosey steals the show - again!

The words provided by The Sunday Whirl this week are  laughing, silent, holy, arrival, sigh, chime, alone, scar, ingest, stray, plain and pale of which I've used all but one!

      You may remember a couple of years ago I told you about My Friend Rosey taking part in her school’s nativity play. Although adults do not normally appear in the Eastbourne C of E Primary School production, the mini-thespians of Year 2 threatened strike action if their teaching assistant Miss Rosey Pinkerton did not join them on stage. And so it was she got the role of Principal Tree, mainly because of her height as she made the other palms look like ‘pups’(that she assures me is the correct term for baby palm trees) Well, despite her chaotic performance from which she still bears the  scars (literally) history repeated itself this year when her fan club insisted she take part again, this time as one of the Three Wise People; political correctness now prevents them being referred to as Wise Men!
      The big day arrived, last Monday actually. All was going pretty well. It was quite a strident production. The holy night was anything but silent with traditional carols interspersed with reverential rapping and enthusiastic clapping. But the highlight was Rosey’s arrival on the scene, mainly because she came on for Act Two far too soon and totally alone having left the other two tea-towel-clad wise folk in the wings along with Mary, Joseph and farm animals various. The Star in the East who had stayed on stage during the interval started making hissing noises hoping to attract Rosey's attention but to no avail. The headmaster in his role as prompter let out an audible sigh as the audience started laughing. Rosey just peered blankly outwards for a few silent moments then broke into a smile. She took a bow, and then still staring at her audience, started shuffling off stage to a round of applause just as a big bell was heard to chime and the other cast members trooped on. The second sheep had somewhat restricted vision thanks to his costume and head butted Rosey in the tummy causing her to double up and bang  her head on the manger.  Then, right beside the sound effects microphone she emitted an involuntary mild expletive followed by a rasping belch thanks to having recently ingested a couple of extremely rich mince pies backstage. The headmaster went pale.
      Anyway, after a bit of shuffling re-positioning and organising the play took off again with a straight faced Rosey performing her part with a degree of gravitas never before seen. The play was of course a triumph and enjoyed as much for the bits that went astray as for those which stayed on track. Rosey got a standing ovation during which the Third Angel from the Left presented her with a bunch of flowers on behalf of her appreciative class. Even the headmaster shook her hand when he came on to make his boring annual speech.
      I suspect she’ll appear again next year. After all, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun without her would it?
      Finally, Rosey asked me to wish you all a Happy New Year. As I'm sure you've noticed her blog and Facebook are currently dormant, but I'm hoping to get her writing again in 2015. Oh, and a Happy New Year from me too of course!

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  1. It's certainly more fun with Rosey...and exactly how I remember Nativity plays! Although back then we didn't have teaching assistants or fun people like Rosey...cardboard stars had a good line of wonder the recorder choir beckoned...happy New year to you and Rosey...may it be one filled with words that are sure to raise a smile

    1. Thanks Jae Rose - I can't imagine life without her!

  2. Oh, dear! I forgot when I was laughing so badly....I was there with Rosey and audience simultaneously...since my past connection to theater and having good visualization....I enjoyed every bit of your story, Keith! Now I will certainly read all the rest 66 stories to have a blast when I need it! Thank you! Happy New Year to you and Rosey!!

    1. Thanks so much, I'm glad you were there with us!

  3. Very well writ story, Keith. May you have a wonderful new year.




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